New watch

I have a funky new watch, a Garmin Forerunner 110. It lets me do kewl stuff like:


although you only get that after post-processing, of course. In fact I haven't even worked out how to make it work like a GPS when running, i.e. display lat/long or grid refs. Nor have I worked out how to persuade the stupid post-processing software to give me mph instead of mins/mile like all the hard-core runners want, pah. But the upload-from-watch (via the provided nipple clamp) to-web-and-graph is impressively smooth and painless.

You're fascinated - I know - so let me tell you that we did two laps: the first, slow, included the lake. The second was faster. And then at the red line I ran a bit faster back to the mothership. The heartrate peak of ~180 is when I sprinted up the A14 bridge.

[Update: give me mph instead of mins/mile - well, it has now swapped to mph, which is good, but I don't know why, which is less good -W]

[Update: twice now the watch has frozen / locked up on me, both times when attaching it to the computer: I think it happens when you don't get the clamp on quite correctly and it briefly connects / disconnects. If that happens, you have to reset it by pressing the "light" button for ~7 secs. But you lose all your data. Others have the same problem. Possibly press and hold Lap/Reset and the Light buttons simultaneously may be a better way of resetting.

Update on that: the problem mostly occurs if you *haven't* "reset" the activity before trying to upload - somehow it can't cope. So always remember to do that first.]

[Update: I've realised something about the tracking / recording, prompted by DHW: that although the max sample rate appears to be every-5-sec (and this isn't configurable), it will drop samples that are "uninteresting" if it wants to. In particular, if you are erging, so the position is constant, it will quite likely not record many heart rate samples. The only solution I've found it to keep the watch on your wrist to generate movement and hence more logging.

Another whinge while I'm here: there is no "turn the light on and keep it on" mode, which would be useful for night time outings.]

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My boyfriend has this watch. I used it once myself - but I must have done something wrong because when he uploaded my run, it appeared I had run right through the river. And my clothes weren't even wet!

"...via the provided nipple clamp..."

That is the kind of phrase that should have a man running in front of it carrying a red flag. Yes, I know the nipple in question has nothing to do with human anatomy, but I imagine this posting will still show up in a lot of interesting internet searches!

[I blame that Hugo Tyson (this is part of my campaign to associate the words "hugo tyson" and "nipple clamp" -W]

By Tony Sidaway (not verified) on 29 Jul 2010 #permalink

A painless nipple clamp? What's the point?

First the bumps.

Now the runs.

What's next, the proms?

By Steve Bloom (not verified) on 29 Jul 2010 #permalink

this is part of my campaign to associate the words "hugo tyson" and "nipple clamp"

No such luck: number 1 Google result is still the page for the Acorn ADFS.

[Not any more, ha ha. And be fair, I did only just write that - I'm pretty impressed by how fast google picked it up -W]

I use a free iPhone app called Runkeeper to keep track of my insufficiently frequent bike rides. The Runkeeper web site gives profiles pretty much the same as your watch. But I didn't have to pay anything... ;-)

[You got a free iPhone? Well done :-) -W]

I do not do run; wander, meander, or even waddle yes. Even on a bike it is miles per day and not many at that. Slow down, smell the flowers, enjoy the red. Enjoy some more red.

Sprint bad.