Snowy again

DSCN1569 Time for a few linky type things. The first couple point to the New Blog in case you've missed it.

* Snowy again by me, about the recent weather.
* Christmas Head
* xkcd Christmas Tree (thanks Mayank) and on wikileaks :-)
* Lamest edit wars on wikipedia. The Bot wars section is good. Of course, wikipedia is soft nowadays, with the block-fingers too poised. We had real edit wars in the old days.
* Beautiful supernova fragments via Bad Astronomy. As a species we are frequently rubbish but occaisionally sublime.
* J+J go to AGU but don't find much except Macs. A nice dig at Curry's incoherence, but the apparent lack of much new confirms my vague impressions from the outside.
* Infinite Growth and the Crisis Cocktail - Guest Posting looks to me like a fine example of wishful and woolly thinking. I left some questions; it will be interesting to see the answers.
* [Late in] Why Velikovsky was right by Tim Ball - ht to the Baron. You just couldn't make this stuff up.

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Hmm, any reason why one has to login to *read* (not post to) your new blog?

[Does one? That sounds wrong. What did you have to login to? -W]

OK, I can go to your blog, but chasing the link to your article requires login.

As though perhaps you forgot to make it live, or public, or somesuch?

I can visit your December 18th entry, for instance, though livejournal puts a video ad on top of the content, trying to make me watch an ad before "continuing my livejournal experience".

(at least it lets me close it before watching the whole damned thing.)

[Ah, yes, you're right, I'd forgotten to change the permissions. It is irritating: the default is "friends only" and you can't change that on the first save, only on subsequent saves. Thanks for persisting. Now I've done it, you'll discover it wasn't worth all the tries :-(

Ads: yes, I wish they wouldn't do that. Still the Evil Russian Overlords who run livejournal have to make money somehow -W]

James: "I conclude that nobody, including Judith, knows what Judith means."

Brilliant. Nothing more needs be said.

By Walter Ulyanov (not verified) on 19 Dec 2010 #permalink

Still the Evil Russian Overlords who run livejournal have to make money somehow

I don't mind ads, but the overlaying video ad style is a bit too much.

[Yes, it is pretty crude. And it works very badly: the screen goes grey, the ad (on a slowish link) doesn't really load by the time I've found and clicked the close button -W]

Haven't commented in a while, so figured I should start things off with a relevant and funny link that many of your readers may have already seen Re:Wikileaks, in a comment to an old post nonetheless:

[Well, thank you for that festive link :-) -W]

And then go on to ... well, you know what, I'll leave it at a silly link!

Thanks for the link to James' blog. I virtually ignored atmospheres and modern climate at AGU this year, so it's good to have a chance to get someone's take on what happened there.

By Andy Wickert (not verified) on 28 Dec 2010 #permalink