Where am I now? [*]

Following the success of Where are we now? from Jules-n-James, I present you with a slightly harder one:


[*] I am, of course, not there now. Nor was I there when I wrote this. But I was there when I took the photo.


* Poppies


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Arrgh, wrong. Should have looked at the windows.

Oid say thass Naaridge.

(trans. I'd venture Norwich Cathedral, based on the vaulting and the bosses)

[I heard you the first time. And yes, you are correct. Well done! -W]

Judging from the cheering for British helicopters slaughtering Libian civilians, I'd say you were in [PA deleted -W] land.

[Since I haven't, you r comment is hard to understand. And since AFAIK, our helicopters haven't killed any Libyan (not Libian) civiilians, let alone slaughtered any, you are doubly hard to understand -W]

By RUMLEYFIPS (not verified) on 05 Jun 2011 #permalink

Good one. The trans. is directed to those not inhabiting Norfolk / Suffolk / Cambs. If only I could judge sea ice extent with such accuracy, being more of an eyeball / dartboard person in that domain.

Them hekilopters are French although it's difficult to tell one post colonial hekilopter from another

[Searching images for the kopters I found http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/libya/85…, which, if you drop the jingoism, has much of interest to say. Presumably addressing its core readership, the Torygraph is clearly very uneasy about any British ground forces going in, and doesn't even really like the kopters. Meanwhile we are (very sensibly, I'd say) doing our best to persuade the TNC to plan for the future and the transition of power that will (hopefully) come. Perhaps we actually have learnt something from Iraq? -W]

Ely Cathedral?

Apaches were designed and originally intended to take on the massed ranks of heaviliy armoured evil commie tanks that were due to swarm over the plains of europe and kill us all, for it is known that the commies hated us for our freedoms.

They make a real mess of armoured vehicles let alone human beings. Have a look at the collateral murder video to see what they will do to ordinary people. Lets hope no Libyan makes the mistake of carrying a camera tripod or long range lens.

[Ah, the Iraq one. Yes, that was bad. Fortunately we don't employ cowboys like the US does -W]

Never mind where you are.
Now you have been revealed as the evil Mekon the world can start to thwart your plans.