Plus ca change

Via Tamino (Tisdale Fumbles, Pielke Cheers) I find Tisdale at WUWT talking nonsense - nothing new there. Tamino points out the obvious flaw in the argument (if you can call it an argument; to be fair, it is hard to tell what Tisdale wants to say, other than "its all wrong"), and then Nick Stokes is kind enough to tell the Watties (I did wonder if any of them might be good enough to think of it for themselves, but no such luck). But! The knowledge does not fit their worldview, so even when presented with the obvious they are still unable to understand it.

Well, that wasn't very exciting, was it? Sorry. Maybe you'd like to read about the Winter Head instead; or hear that I managed 43:47 in my 10k today.

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Browsing the crackpottery that is Unified Theory of Climate: Reply to Comments at WUWT ("Dr" Roy Spencer shreds it, if you care, which you shouldn't) I noticed fig 4, Antarctic temperatures, which is ripped off from wiki, and I drew that figure. Eurgh.
You may say "but you declared Lindzen emeritus in 2011", and so I did. But that was over the issue of peer review. This is concerning science: arctic sea ice is suddenly showing surprising growth. That's just stupid. Really; its nothing but propaganda: designed to make lies sound truthful and…
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Steady on, that's only a minute slower than me :-)

[It hurt though. It will be a while before I'm any faster. Next summer, probably -W]