Collapsing iceberg

I like this (h/t: QS):

The change from "Oh look that's fun, lets stop and watch" to the brief "Oh shit" to the "Ha ha, we all lived, that was great fun" to "who got it on video?" is oh-so-typical of our species.

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I have to admit that I've always had a soft spot for pareidolia, that phenomenon wherein people see things that aren't there because human brains are wired for pattern recognition. As a child (and even as an adult), I loved lazily looking up at the clouds and envisioning animals, objects, and…
1.5 m sea level rise this century, that is. Nature sez the "estimate released today says that it could be as as much as 1.5 metres (4.9 feet) by the end of this century". Their source seems to be Reuters, and we'll pause briefly to condemn the oh-so-typical inflation of the worst case from the…
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So let me see if I've gotten this straight. He gropes the German Chancellor, addresses the British Prime Minister as "Yo, Blair", and wants Hizbollah to "stop doing this shit" (news). Brings whole new meaning to "special relationship". That's some representative we have up there on the world stage.

Next up, video of Antarctica falling into the Pacific (from the space station, of course ...).

[Absolutely, and I can just see everyone going "Woooooo" as those huge chunks of ice whizz past... until one hits them on the head, of course -W]

Mind you, there's also quite a lot of "Oh look that's fun, lets stop and watch" to the brief "Oh shit" to complete silence. Especially with tsunamis.

and then imagine that happening on a much smaller scale in the arctic with the ice that's formed from snow.

Antarctica falling into the Pacific?

...imagine that happening... in the arctic with the ice that's formed from snow.

WTF are you [PA redacted -W] about?

Average temperatures in Antarctica are below freezing year round.

[Not a very useful measure, if you're interested in the coastline -W]

Arctic ice is doing just fine:

Empirical data please!

[You've misread the picture you link to. But as for your call for empirical data: you can either read your own pic properly, or perhaps more easily see the nice big pic I inlined: which is Given that, your call for "empirical data" cannot be seen as anything other than dishonesty -W]

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