Transitional Technical Difficulties?

See here - all the Science Blogs type blogs are transitioning platform. This has been semi-secret or something, who knows, anyway clearly it isn't quite so secret anymore. I don't know any deadlines or suchlike, but it can't possibly make the comment system any worse.


* That value of English law thing again

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Hey William I'm your community manager, did you get last week's email from National Geographic? If we need to update your email address please send it to me at

Well, they could use whatever comment platform my local paper the Bozeman Daily Chronicle uses. I check it out if you want to see a truly awful comment system ("Chronicle Comments" tab, since they try to use 3 or sometimes only 2 comment systems).

By Rattus Norvegicus (not verified) on 16 May 2012 #permalink

"Can't possibly make it worse"

I have to disagree with you yet again. Have you tried to use Kloor's?

> Worse yet, the comments to posts between April 18 and whenever the switch finally happens are currently going to be lost forever.

Ouch, that's going to make scienceblogs HQ popular.

[I believe there is some hope that it will be fixed -W]

> did you get last week's email

Ya know, it's time someone reinvented Western Union (ah, there's a name to make the conspiracy-minded look up in alarm).

Seriously, we're expecting the Internet to handle delivering groceries and tuning up our cars, it should have a way to convey important messages as effectively as the old Western Union Telegram. You got one of those, you read it right away.

[I think the point was he suspected he might have lost my email (but he hadn't, it was OK really) -W]

They certainly can make it worse.

By David B. Benson (not verified) on 16 May 2012 #permalink

I see they have him iconized as a little hollow golden rectangle now.

By Hank Roberts (not verified) on 22 May 2012 #permalink