I'm back


Did you miss me? I've been to the Stubai, again. There will be a travelogue over there.


* A short walk in the Stubai: day 2: Aperer Turm

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The Economist has a Special Report on "The melting north" (hopefully that works for you, I have a subscription so I'm not sure if its behind their paywall or not). And what it says - A heat map of the world, colour-coded for temperature change, shows the Arctic in sizzling maroon. Since 1951 it has…
I'm back. Did you miss me? Don't all say "no" at once. A piece from the Torygraph about the unfolding disaster that is Jeremy Corbyn's run for head of the Labour party; they can barely contain their glee, of course, but I did like the idea of someone forcasting communist weather; Boris, perhaps.…
* xkcd: All 786 known planets to scale. * I liked Brian's take on the USSC ruling on Obama's healthcare stuff. And also the little-heard-from-anymore RP. * Planet3.0 on Greenland albedo; if you prefer it with added "tipping point" hype then try Climate Central. My initial though was "oh its warmer…
The Austrian Alpine Club (Sektion Brittania) runs an annual photo competition. I've finally got round to entering some of my summer pix; see here. Here's my favourite that I didn't enter; this was part of Stubai: Wilder Freiger by the Lubeckerweg.

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[Really? It works for me, even when I'm not logged in -W]

By David B. Benson (not verified) on 24 Jun 2012 #permalink

Hmm, I had assumed you'd been spending all your spare time making it up to the bees.

Switching gears, have you seen this? Any idea what could be behind it?

By Steve Bloom (not verified) on 24 Jun 2012 #permalink

Sure you're not supposed to begin with, "I've really missed you all!"? ;)

Flew? Oh dear.

[Once, I would have agnoised over it -W]

By Nigel Chesterman (not verified) on 30 Jun 2012 #permalink