A photographic review of the year

January: Cold in Cambridge (but this is from early-Feb, since I don't have anything terribly good from January. The best I can offer is smoke on the water).


February: early bees.


March: Phoebe. Our cat.


April: Petals on water.


May: Humble bumbles.


June: Stubai. The entire place is unbearably gorgeous. If you have a robust sense of humour, try this from the Franz Senn hut gents. If you have an even more robust sense, then this.


July: Summer in the garden.


August: Mallorca.


September: Chris's wedding.


October: Amsterdam.


November: Winter head.


December: Cold again (from 2010. I don't have any decent pix from this December. Just being soggy isn't so interesting).


Oh, and Happy New Year to you all.


* The year in Stoats (2010).


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