Super snarky fun!

Yes, its the wonderful Heartland / WUWT own-goal over the Chinese translations of HI's Climate Change Reconsidered. I have nothing to add except laughter, so you may as well read

* BCL(SB),
* Eli,
* HW.

Not edifying, true, but certainly amusing.

Since I'm here I may as well put up something: can I interest you in this fine photo of a goldfinch, lying symbolically on a bed of peony petals? The peony represents transient beauty, and so it would seem does this particular goldfinch. The culprit may just be circumstance, or may be closer to home.


After a day, she decided to eat it anyway:


Interestingly, in the end, only the colourful bits survived:


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Besides a more-or-less common language, the US and UK also have thinktanks that manage to be tax-exempt "public charities" whose donors can reduce taxes by giving money to them.
For now, we (US) have Heartland, and a whole lot more, many who happen to be located near lobbyist central, K-street in Washington.

You Brits are wimps when it comes to generating these thinktanks wholesale, but you at least have GWPF and IEA, and they certainly knew each other and ours, as well as few folks from CA and AU.

By John Mashey (not verified) on 15 Jun 2013 #permalink

That looks like it hit your bay window. I would think cat would have made bigger mess.

[Certainly possible, there was no signs of blood or gnawing -W]

By bigcitylib (not verified) on 15 Jun 2013 #permalink

The cat ambiguity problem would have been solved if the current VIscount Viscount Monckton's fasther had retained his seat in the House of Lords and gotten his campaign planks eventually into law.
One plank required all cats to be muzzled to prevent curlety to birds.
The other was to outlaw line fishing.

By John Mashey (not verified) on 15 Jun 2013 #permalink

I expect Tony will post the picture and claim a wind turbine attack.

By John McManus (not verified) on 16 Jun 2013 #permalink

I think it unsporting of windmills to knock out not only birds worth shooting, but poor inedible creature like the goldfinch.

A strict bag limit shoud be imposed on the things, and they should be shut down completely from August to February

[We'll leave our front door open, then -W]

Good find!

Given that SEPP = Fred Singer, Ken Haapala, and others like Donna Bethell, what would you expect?

I'd guess this is just Haapala putting out canned material while Fred wanders around.

By John Mashey (not verified) on 17 Jun 2013 #permalink


Amazing picture of Lawson he looks as though the Beefsteak Club confiscated his teeth.

Send it along to the Eye and collect your tenner!

I think William's alluding to this from Peiser:

“The GWPF has never participated in any campaigning and does not promote any particular line of opinion. In fact, the GWPF does not have an official or shared view about the science or politics of global warming – although we are of course aware that these issues are not settled,” said Dr Peiser, a former senior lecturer in sports science at Liverpool John Moores University.

It's the first part of that statement that's getting Heartland and others in trouble in the US, courtesy of John Mashey and others. Hopefully it'll do the same in the UK.

[Yup, that's the bit I meant. I don't think any of it is believeable, and admitting that they're pushing the "nothing is settled" line (which is another lie, they're more denialist than that) amounts to admitting campaigning anyway. Whether the courts can cope, though, I'm dubious about -W]

By Brian Schmidt (not verified) on 22 Jun 2013 #permalink