Graun combines typesetting and maths

The Graun is a bit rubbish at typesetting and maths, which is most aptly illustrated by one of their jokes:

At a party for functions, ex is at the bar looking despondent. The barman says: "Why don't you go and integrate?" To which ex replies: "It would not make any difference."



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For a variety of reasons, the comments are hysterical, in the funny sense. Recommended reading. Here's one from me:

Two skeptics walk in to a bar.

By Fergus Brown (not verified) on 30 Dec 2013 #permalink

I liked this response:

"Of course, whoever submitted this joke probably did their best to make the special notation clear, but the copy typist couldn't differentiate."

Ha-ha. =)

Ethon's favorite honest joker is Roger Pielke Jr:) Eli needs to get out more.

By Eli Rabett (not verified) on 30 Dec 2013 #permalink