Morning mist rolls over cliffs at West Bay

Found via the Beeb but also available from Youtube. Lovely.


* Applications are invited for an artist to join HMS Protector for a three to four week placement during the Antarctic summer season (January to April 2017, precise dates TBC). The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work as the resident artist on board HMS Protector.
* ASICS GREATER MANCHESTER MARATHON IN TRAFFORD APRIL 2ND 2017. A bit shouty but I've entered anyway.
* All Brexit arguments settled by 0.5 per cent third-quarter growth

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Beautiful. It would be great to know all the physical details of this phenomenon. Water temperature. Ground Temperature. Air temperature directly above the ground and water. Humidity directly above the ground and the water. Humidity and temperatures a little higher up. Wind direction and speed. There is a "river" of fog that sometimes pours down a local creek valley near where I live, maybe 50 meters above the ground, clearly visible against the hills of the creek valley. I need to get some instruments and take some measurements! It is such a delight when that which is ordinarily not perceptible is made visible like this. .

Great setup for a homework problem.

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