The Polar Vortex Might Be Caused By Al Gore (and other Liberals)

Everyone laughed ... earlier today ... when Rush Limbaugh claimed that the Polar Vortex, the ginormous weather phenomenon that brought so much cold to Canada and the United States over the last few days, was created by Liberals.

If Liberals can indeed create a planetary-level weather phenomenon like the Polar Vortex, then Liberals are very powerful indeed and should not be messed with. Just sayin'

Anyway, people made fun of Rush Limbaugh for saying this. Peter Gleick, who blogs here, went so far as to tweet a Google ngram he did showing that the peak of use of the term "Polar Vortex" happened way before the recent media frenzy associated with this recent weather event.

But I think Peter missed the point. Rush Limbaugh may be smarter than he looks. Here, I've combined the Google ngram for "Polar Vortex" with a red box showing the approximate duration that Bill Clinton and, most notably, Inconvenient Truth author Vice President Al Gore were in the white house. Have a look:


Clearly, there is a link. The fact that "Polar Vortex" initially peaks before the Clinton-Gore administration is obviously because the Liberals were gaining power during that time, in order to take over the White House.

This certainly gives new meaning to the phrase "Thanks Obama."

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you guys got no swag.

I think they mean Polar Gore-tex, like the jackets

By David Sanger (not verified) on 08 Jan 2014 #permalink

If Liberals can indeed create a planetary-level weather phenomenon like the Polar Vortex, then Liberals are very powerful indeed and should not be messed with. Just sayin’

Indeed, if we Liberals could control the weather to that extent, we'd be putting our ginormous storm wherever Rush Limbaugh happens to be.

By Christopher Winter (not verified) on 16 Jan 2014 #permalink

the above posters missed Rush's point today. There's the Polar Vortex spinning down cold air on us. Off of California is the ALGORE Vortex, a high pressure ridge caused by too many liberal granola-munching, pot-smoking, electric-car driving left coast residents...the result of which is a huge drought for let's get busy drilling and California!

I guess liberals are not just full of hot air after all.