"I am a lawer"

This is just too funny for words. This weekend, Boingboing ran a story about a woman who lost her camera while on holiday, and of a Canadian family that found it, but refuses to return it because doing so would upset their son. Cory received this letter:

Hello doctorow,

I am sure that you must have have proof that this camera was stolen and that you just would not be accusing someone of something that you know nothing about ? I am a lawer and am interested infinding out your response please respond as I am interested in finding out what proof you have.


Don Deveny Queens council 2006-02-18

To which Cory replied:

You're a lawer? Nice to meet you. I'm a ritter.


Absolutely. best. reply. ever.

For more, read Cory's post.

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What is with these people?

How about buying their kid the same camera if he likes it so much, but return the found one to it's rightful owners? In fairness, I don't think English is his first language, but ethics don't change whatever your mother tongue.

Nice parenting job guys.