Two observations and two predictions

Observation: ESPN soccer commentators are idiots who need to stop bringing everything back to the US/Italy game.

Observation: Trinidad & Tobago were unlucky.

Prediction: Neither England nor Sweden will advance past the Round of 16.

Prediction: Italy 2 USA 0


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Apart from the early morning matches when I need to listen to what's happening while I'm getting ready for work, I've been trying to avoid ESPN's commentary. Especially since it looks like the US v. Italy match is going to be a non-event.

The fútbol fans at the office have decided that it's ¡Univision SÃ! ¡ESPN No! during lunchtime. That will certainly hold true for Friday's Mexico v. Angola match.

It irks me to no end that players like T&T's Shaka Hislop and Paraguay's Nelson Valdez, whose save today against Sweden was an absolute stunner and has my vote for the best play of the tournament so far, can play their hearts out while their opponents squeak by with victories. I guess that's (literally) the way the ball bounces.

By Sean Storrs (not verified) on 15 Jun 2006 #permalink