Victorious over the English

After being defeated by the French two weeks ago, the Irish hammered the luckless English 43-13 to keep their Triple Crown hopes alive. Victory over Scotland at Edinburgh on March 10th will mean the title is theirs.

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With the ASU football season winding down, it is time to turn to other things. So why not rugby? The Irish team are favorites for the coming Six Nations Championship, after winning the Triple Crown last year, and a series of victories over South Africa, Australia and the Pacific Islanders which…
Ireland won its third Triple Crown in four years with a 19-18 victory over Scotland and Murrayfield. No further comment.
The Six Nations Championship began today, with Ireland trying to recover from a disappointing World Cup showing last year. A 16-11 defeat of Italy is a win, but not a very convincing one. On the other hand, Wales defeating England 26-19 at Twickenham is always good news. Remaining fixtures for…
In a thrilling game in Croke Park, Ireland rallied back from a ten point deficit to take the lead, only to be denied victory by a late French try. France won 20-17, destroying the Grand Slam hopes of the Irish and preventing a first victory over France since 2003.

BooYaH! Are we allowed to say BooYah about Rugby?

BooYaH is an appropriate sentiment.

By John Lynch (not verified) on 24 Feb 2007 #permalink

As the English son of an Irish mother and a Scots father I don't quite know whether I should cry, cheer or pull my hair out (what's left of it) over this weekends rugby results. I think I will just congratulate Italy on a historic win.

One of the sports columnists in The Guardian put it very neatly. (This is from memory of the (printed) International Edition, since I cannot find it on the website.) George Chuter was quoted as saying (after the Dublin game) "We hit a speed bump." The columnist's reply was "No George, Italy was the speed bump. Dublin was the brick wall."