Baby hyenas


... because hyenas don’t get enough good press. Click to enbiggen. (source)

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This little cutie (click for bigger version) is the first Maclaud’s horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus maclaudi) ever photographed and the first seen in the wild in 40 years. The species was rediscovered in the highland forests of Guinea and is one of the approximately seventy species of horseshoe bat…
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I believe the correct technical term is 'embiggen' -- with an 'm'.

(Snark-snark -- from a long time Simpsons fan.)

Weirdly the article refers to a single offspring while the picture shows three pups ...

A Cerebus perhaps?

It's a file photo, not of the actual pup.

And en- does become em- before labials (embolden, empower). Weird Latinate prefixes ;-)

Just in case anyone's interested, there's a very interesting new paper out on hyena intelligence in the Journal of Mammalogy. I have a discussion of it here.

My gods they are even ugly as newborns! Probably due to their fights in the womb, tough little bastards.

I really admire these tenacious buggers. I once read that they were the only major predator whose population was increasing. Can anyone verify?