"Darwinist" seen at Neo-Nazi conference


According to Expelled, this guy must be some kind of "Darwinist," right?

He’s Tony Zirkle and he’s seeking the Republican nomination for Congress in Indiana. Above he is addressing a bunch of like-minded individuals - at a birthday celebration for Hitler no less. Visiting his campaign site is like spending time in a sewer.

He graduated from Andrews University, a Seventh Day Adventist school in Michigan, where he has also been an adjunct faculty member. He attended Andrews University Theological Seminary (but didn’t graduate). He (and I’m guessing his little shaven-headed buddies) are as likely to be "Darwinist" as I am to be Martian. I'm also guessing he shares more "worldview" with ID supporters than I do.

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Ed happened to beat me to this one, which I saw on Orcinus. If you want a lesson on what not to do to get elected, here it is, courtesy of Tony Zirkle, candidate for the Republican nomination to run for a seat in his House district in northwest Indiana: Don't show up at a white supremacist…
Remember Tony Zirkle? He’s the Indiana Republican who cavorted with Hitler-worshippers at the Saddest Birthday Party Ever and claimed that he didn’t "know enough about the group to either favor it or oppose it." Well, May 6th saw his defeat in the Republican primary. But get this, he got 16% of…
Yesterday, I wrote about what I thought to be a fairly amusing story. It was the story of one hapless candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress in a district in northwest Indiana whose excuses for giving a talk to the American National Socialist Workers Party's Chicago celebration of…

I think what they meant was a "social darwinist," which is one who subscribes to the idea that survival of the fittest applies to races. This is used as an excuse for racial violence.

Interestingly, Darwin, on his death bed, expressed regret at how his theory had been co-opted, and used for the advancement of intolerance. Many believers of creationism have been convinced that with those comments, Darwin was denouncing the theory of evolution itself.

By Ed Goldstein (not verified) on 25 Apr 2008 #permalink

Definitely not a "Darwinist".

He seems to think that porn, prostitution and sex aids are the sources of all evil. Among other things he says "My conspiracy theory for the 2008 primary is that porn, the most effective wmd, makes the world war go round and is the central justice obstructor that is inhibiting solutions to the above issues."

While condemning dildos he says "Ezekiel noted women make male images and committed whoredom with them just before their 70 years of slavery." I think he means the 70 years of captivity between the two Temple periods. No, most Jews were not enslaved during that period as he could tell if he actually read the Bible (he claims to have gone to seminary). That sort of mistake makes me all the more convinced he's a Bible-thumper. Spends all the time thumping it and no time reading it.

Frankly, some of his language makes me wonder about his mental health. He says "The GPD (Great Porn-Dragon) is seeking so set up this country as a Broke-Barack mountain of gay pride Obama-Nation where a nation that was conceived in liberty now conceives in illigitimacy at 40% in Indiana, where a nation that grew as a Christian lamb is now phoenix-izing itself to speak as a porn dragon"

He also seems to have somewhat non-standard stereotypes about sexuality in various racial groups. For example he thinks that Latino's are "meek". So he not only is a bit of a racist ass but he has his own racist ideas.

And what was the theme of Zirkle's speech ?


Pornography is the greatest danger that faces America.

I kid you not.

LOL, see that "Happy Birthday" banner on the front of the table...Hitler would be sooooo happy.

That was fun. I'm not kidding. I mean, the jewish thing and the nazi thing is so been there, there's hardly any outrage left. But listen--a whole new vein, maybe a mother lode, of numbskullery:

Zirkle is anti-dildo.

I mean, cite scripture, euphemize, all-the-logical-fallacies-deployed, dyed in the bush anti-dildo.

I am pro-dildo, but I'm sorely tempted to send him a contribution just to keep the rhetoric flowing. That is just plain fantastic stuff. In Indiana, too, that may just be enough to propel you to congress.


Ugh. I just sent this to my relatives back in IN. Looks like he's running in their district also.

By Mercurious (not verified) on 25 Apr 2008 #permalink

It's almost nominative predestination...

Tony is presumably short for Anthony or Antonio? So, write his surname, then write his forename down the page:

Z I r k l e


It was decided for him. This must be his destiny. That and money-grubbing litigation.

Somehow you just know this guy has got a secret stash of gay bondage porn hidden away somewhere.

"Somehow you just know this guy has got a secret stash of gay bondage porn hidden away somewhere."

I bet it's gay bondage Nazi porn.