Iowa rejects ”Evolution Academic Freedom Act”

Over at PT, Hector Avalos is reporting that the deadline has passed for the DI-inspired "Evolution Academic Freedom Act” (HF 183) to move out of committee in Iowa. This one is now officially dead. Thus the scorecard so far looks like:

  • Mississippi - dead in committee
  • Oklahoma - dead in committee
  • Iowa - dead in committee
  • New Mexico - in committee
  • Alabama - in committee
  • Missouri - in committee
  • Florida - in committee
  • Texas - at state board

This brings the tally for 2009 to three dead out of eight. Frankly I can't imagine the DI is terribly happy about this.

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Eight of eight would be nice.

By gruntled atheist (not verified) on 13 Mar 2009 #permalink

Woot! Yay for my home state. OK, I left it 25 years ago, but still......