Discovery Institute fails in New Mexico

The DI-inspired "Academic Freedom/Strengths & Weaknesses" bill that was in committee in New Mexico has failed to get a hearing before close of session and has thus expired. Dave Thomas has more over at PT. The state of play for 2009 must be depressing for the DI

As a strategy this is clearly not working.

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We still have another week to go here in Texas for the School Board hearings on science standards, and when you have such loons as McElroy and Dunbar on the school board...

let's hope it works out bad for them, but a win here in Texas, even a temporary one, could make up for the others (even if bill, isn't it...gets shot down by the legislature.

Ed Brayton got a load of 'corrections' on a thread for McElroy who's real name is McLeroy. Just though I'd help out here. The man is a fool and deserves to have his name spelled correctly when pointing out his foolishness. ;-)

As you point out, DI is having a well deserved rough time of it. The next step for little casey will no doubt be a conspiracy charge. What a colossal waste of time and money is casey and his DI IDiocy. Here's hoping for a clean sweep of these 'freedom' bills, a shutout in honor of a new baseball season!