Taking over Torpig

In early 2009, a bunch of folks at UCSB took over the Torpig botnet for ten days. In that time, they observed more that 180,000 infections and recorded over 70G of data that the botnet captured. During that time, over 8,000 accounts at financial institutions were "acquired".

The report is available online [pdf]


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1. What is 'Torpig'?

2. What is a 'botnet'?

3. What is UCSB'?

4. What do 180,000 infections have to do with 8,000 bank accounts? What was infected, what was the infection?

The article looks rather interesting, and explains some of what you did not. But your 'blog-entry' would have benefited quite a bit from avoiding the obfuscation.

By oscar zozlaster (not verified) on 04 May 2009 #permalink

But your 'blog-entry' would have benefited quite a bit from avoiding the obfuscation.

Thank you. I'll try to spell everything out in the future. Wouldn't want you to either know something in advance or use the Internet to find out about stuff that you don't understand in a post.

Seriously. You do realize that you commented on a post you know nothing about, admitting that you know nothing about the content. There must be a bajillion posts just like this out there - your work is cut out for you if you're going to comment on them all. Better get cracking.


By John Lynch (not verified) on 04 May 2009 #permalink