Spring meme!

Spring has sprung in the geoblogosphere! In Virginia, Callan has been hiking on the Billy Goat Trail. In Colorado, Geology Happens has crocuses. And spring fever has even hit the New York Times - Andy Revkin is posting Youtube videos of Pete Seeger singing about maple syrup.

Hey, I can play, too. Look - I've got violets (pictures under the fold):


Actually, I took that photo on Sunday. If I go out this morning, maybe I'll be able to pick 148 more, and then I'll be able to start making that yummy-sounding violet custard pie that Janet made for pi day.



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I've been watching an aspen in my front yard this spring, and sending data to the National Phenology Network. (That's phenology, the study of recurring plant and animals phases, not phrenology.) We've had warm weather, cold weather, and windy weather, and blooming violets, crocuses, and dwarf…
This month's geoblog carnival is on Geologeeeee.... innnn... SPAAAAAAACE!!1! - you simply must click through to see the cover. If you need more geoblog goodness, Lutz at geoberg.de is working on a complete list of the entire geoblogosphere! See it in English or German. There are currently 101 blogs…
Last night, we were having another one of those incredible dust storms that have been blowing in this spring (and which may be decimating the spring snowpack). This morning, I woke up to this: I was happy to see it - it will melt by the end of the day, and will keep the soil from being so…
We're still a week away from Pi Day, but the break in the rain here has made me believe that spring may be on its way. What better way to celebrate spring (especially in the aftermath of a wintertime fruit pie) than a violet custard pie? The violet custard is based on a recipe from The Savory Way…

Spring here in Northern California has brought one encouraging sight, lots of honey-bees are already out & about.

I saw NO honey-bees until late June last year (despite seeing many solitary bees), and it was not due to any particular difference in the weather between this year & last year.