Violet Fire - the Tesla Opera

As I have noted before, there is an opera about Tesla, called Violet Fire in preperation for the grand opening in the Belgrade's National Theater on July 9th, on the eve of 150th birthday of Nikola Tesla. I have since received a little bit more information about it. Here I translated some snippets from Belgrade press:

Violet Fire ("Ljubicasta Vatra") is a multi-media opera composed by John Gibson. It was co-produced by by Belgrade's summer festival BELEF and American non-profit organization Violet Fire. Director is Terry O'Reilly.

The conductor, Ana Zorana Brajovic told reporters that there is no classical operatic singing in this minimalistic opera and that the text - libreto written by Miriam Zeidel - is of a much greater importance.

The opera is happening in Bryant Park in New York City, close to Tesla's end of life. Through communication between Tesla and his favourite white dove, the libreto showcases Tesla's free imagination and intuitive connection to the mysteries of nature.

The cast includes Scott Murphy (guest from the USA) and Belgrade soloists Darko ÄorÄevic, Dragana Tomic, Mirjana Jovanovic, Nenad Nenic, Predrag Milanovic, Dragana Stankovic, NataÅ¡a Jovic Trivic, Ivan Tomasev, Miodrag Mika Jovanovic and others.

Violet Fire will also be on stage on July 13, 14 and 15th.


I am in Belgrade because this is the country of Nikola Tesla and I am very happy that the world premiere of Violet Fire will be held here, said the director Terry O'Reilly, ina short exclusive interview with Belgrade's BLIC magazine.

Asked who was Nikola Tesla, he said: Tesla was a person like you or me. But Tesla as a scientist was spiritiually and intelectually without limits. His life went beyond a totoal accomplishment of an individual - he created something useful for all the people.

What is it you particulalry insist on an why?

It is very important that he was an Orthodox Serb. Tesla was a very spiritual and religious man just like all his ancestors - his father was an Orthodox priest. That is why he lived his life not to become famous but to make the world better. During my stay in Belgrade, these things became clearer to me than while I was in the States.

What is it that you are trying to convey to teh audience with this show?

The message is what I just said. I have spent almost a year in Belgrade and during that time understood what it is - Tesla's spirituality, his background, his connection to the ancestors and the whole Universe. I often say that we woudl need many lives just in order to understand his unusual and unique life.


I would so like to be there and see it. Unfortunately, this is impossible. So, if anyone in Belgrade goes and watches the opera, please let me know - I'll post your review here! If not, the opera will be seen again on October 18, 20 and 21 at the Brooklyn Academy Music Festival in NYC.

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