Links for 3-21-09

Calls to arms:

Chris at goodSchist is looking for help to work on the wikipedia page on the mantle. Since he posted, some people have taken on the challenge, but someone who thinks the mantle is too cold to convect is arguing that the revisions violate wikipedia's neutral point of view.

Eric at Eruptions wants to see who can write a better volcano description than FEMA. It can't be too difficult. (In fact, this would be a good assignment to give to a class, I think.)

Maria at Green Gabbro notes that wikipedia's women in earth science category is "underpopulated." If you run across wikipedia articles on women earth scientists, you can add them to the category with a little code snippet (which I don't know, but Maria does. There's also a Diversity in Science carnival for Women's History Month.

Speaking of carnivals and other synchroblogging:

Tomorrow is World Water Day. If you write a post for it, send the url to Daniel at Cr!key Creek for the synchroblogging announcement.

The next Accretionary Wedge is being hosted at The Office of Redundancy Office. The topic was "recent advances" (but not plate tectonics, cause we know about that one). The deadline was yesterday, but I haven't seen any posts written for it.

And the next Scientiae is about overcoming challenges. The deadline for that one is March 29, so you've got time to write for that one. (Me, too. After I've written something about water.)

And finally, a chance to help support undergraduate research. Dr. Isis is going to contribute everything she is paid for blogging for the next ~month to fund an award for an undergraduate poster presentation at the American Physiological Society meeting. You can help by going to her blog (by clicking here or here) - she is paid based on how many times her blog is viewed. Yes, she is encouraging students who have joined the Dark Side majored in the squishy sciences. But they're still undergraduates, so I guess it's worthwhile. And you can try to convince her to write a shoe post about her favorite trail-running shoes.

More like this

Well, it smells a lot better than shit, but yeah, it's the stuff under the crust.

Kim, does how many times a blog is viewed include the time per hit, or just individual and page clicks?

Isis also has a PayPal button for contribution that way.

I didn't know the deadline for the Accretionary Wedge was so early! So I put it off, per usual...

I'm convinced that science on Wikipedia is doomed.

Exhibit A: - Our favorite cyberpunk contrarian, OilIsMastery, is beside himself with glee at the prospects of a Wikipedia edit war against the mainstream science 'establishment'.

I have more important things to do ... I think my sock drawer needs rearranging.