Blogging a research cruise to active undersea volcanoes

Earlier this month, a group of biologists, oceanographers, volcanologists, geophysicists, and other scientists from many institutions took a trip to the area between Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga to look at actively erupting submarine volcanoes, including a backarc spreading ridge (never directly observed before!) and a new arc volcano.

And they had a blog.

So if you want insights into the experiences of marine geologists in the field... well, you can read for yourself. (Teaser: one post is titled "We Thought We'd Seen It All".) Science in action. So cool. Or hot, in this case.

(Thanks to the Lab Lemming for finding this blog and telling the world about it. And to anyone who is thinking of blogging their field work as part of their "broader impacts" from an NSF grant, I'd be happy to point to your blog, and I bet my geoblogging Sciblings would be, as well.)

[Edit: and there's a new carnival to promote all those blogs related to public outreach during field work: The Carnival of Broader Impacts.]


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I'm glad to see folks being willing to share some great finds without the usual "proprietary" nonsense associated with the obsession to publish. Many times I've know people to keep all the data to themselves until they can get a publication out, and that can be years down the road. Here's to more live blogging of field work.