Saturday morning round-up

I usually don't do these kinds of linkfests but we're on the road for a Pharmboy family Easter weekend and there are a few items of interest that slipped through my fingers recently. Here are a few things that readers may enjoy this weekend:

Bora's blog gets its 1,000,000th visitor
Go over and offer congratulations to Mr Community.

Get a tetanus shot first, and be sure to use clean nails.
Adding new meaning to "get off the cross, someone else needs the wood," WSJ Health Blog alerts us to ritual crucifixions in the Philippines. By the way, belated congratulations to our Health Blog colleagues Scott Hensley, Jacob Goldstein, et al., on their first blogiversary last Friday!

NYT covers PZ Myers/Richard Dawkins bait-and-switch at Expelled! showing
This week's buzz o' the blogosphere gets picked up by the Gray Lady - Prof Myers original post here and follow-up here. This is a movie, right, not a President Bush event?

Nutritional 'profiling' to sell supplements: corruption of British academics?
Frank at SciencePunk details a scam in England that is also rampant in the US - companies that offer to do "nutritional profiling" based on standard clinical chemistry measurements but where they use a range of normal values much wider than that established in medicine. Statistically, any healthy person will have some values outside these wider, arbitrary "nutritional" ranges that are then interpreted by the "laboratory" as indicators of "poor protein digestion" and other nonsense. Not surprising, such testing laboratories will offer a variety of dietary supplements for sale to remedy these deficiencies and dysfunctions.

Shi V Liu, MD, PhD on Nature's "grandee-grantees" (scroll down through comments)
Prolific author and journal editor holds forth on multi-grant awardees, scientific misconduct, and other conspiracies. Oh, dear - this could keep you busy all weekend.


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