The Pseudonymity Laboratory: PhysioProf Provides Slide Number One


PalMD, why don't we just put this up and say, "Discuss."

btw, I sort of like my new pseudonym.

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I've read some of Zuska's blog. PhysioProf is the one that screams obscenities at those who agree with her, just to watch them squirm.
She hasn't the guts or intellect to argue effectively with anyone remotely challenging.

She hasn't the guts or intellect to argue effectively with anyone remotely challenging.

Disagree. The profanity schtick does get old. But there are always interesting points being made. The problem is that people such as eddie are unable to (or lack the "guts or intellect") to respond to the underlying points and are distracted off into complaining about the aggressive and profane presentation of what is usually a fairly substantive point.

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