Tom Levenson's six random things are more interesting than the ten thousand intentional things I've ever done in my life

I'm swamped again in meatspace but just had to leave a thank-you to all of my tag-ees for responding to my tag by Comrade PhysioProf to post six random things about oneself.

Among the things I'm trying to finish tonight is an interview from a student in Miss Baker's high school biology class in Maryland who will be attending ScienceOnline'09.

Anna has asked me some questions about this conference and why I go. I'm reminded that I first met Tom Levenson last year at this conference and we have maintained a friendly e-mail relationship. What strikes me in my interview with Anna is that Tom and I likely would have never met one another had it not been for blogs or this conference. Moreover, I doubt seriously that a journalist of Tom's accomplishment and stature would have ever responded to my e-mails (much less respond to a meme tag!) if we had not met briefly last year and been kindred bloggers. My life has truly been enriched by so many of you, from bloggers to commenters to lurkers who sometimes e-mail.

So, while I can brag that I know Tom Levenson, let me direct you to his "Six Random Things" response. Some of you know, love, respect, and admire Tom. What an incredibly interesting human being. . .and a great bloggy bud.

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Stop, Abel, I'm blushing!
Seriously -- thank you for these kind words, however unmerited. More seriously -- I need to thank you and dozens of blogging colleagues, on many of whose blog I merely lurk. This is a new and interestingly complex form; I learn more about how to make it work for me every day -- and that from the reading of yours and others' good work.

See you in NC in January.