Coturnix spotted in Key West!

i-056bade342756b69c70ccbef7aae4253-Key West Coturnices 515px.jpg

Click on the photo to find out where we spotted these little miracles of nature.

And nary a PLoS T-shirt among them.

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In our last few hours bidding farewell to the Conch Republic, we stopped at the Southernmost Point marker. Regular commenter and blogger leigh (the path forward) reminded us to "get a picture of the family pharmboy at the southernmost point marker, that's classic cheesy fun." Well, dear leigh, we…
As I mentioned in my intro post to our week in Key West, I was definitely going to make a visit to the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden. We took the then-PharmToddler there in November 2003 when this gem was just being relaunched after decades of negligence. According to Georgia…
I'm having trouble writing today for various reasons. However, let me leave you with two signs I've encountered today. I like signs.
A recent business sojourn to Key West, FL, gave your intrepid blogger (who still has yet to set up his own CafePress swag shop) an opportunity to revisit a story we first discussed in February of an acupuncturist being arrested on three felony charges for obtaining controlled substances by forgery…

Ah, my long lost cousins! Thanks for finding them!