Best fishes for a Happy Valentine's Day!

So, I'm over at CVS Pharmacy this morning looking for a sympathy card for Orac and Mrs Orac and a get-well card for Sheril, and - I admit it - some 25-50% off Valentine's stuff for the PharmKid.

There, I came upon this complete and utter gem.

i-526f75712ffc3749e10682b9191489e5-You're a Keeper 515px.jpg

Frankly, this is gilling me - but what better way to share the love with your catch than a double crispy chocolate fish from the R.M. Palmer Candy Co., of Reading, Pennsylvania:

This foiled, life-like fish is the best you'll ever taste - made of our delicious Double Crisp candy. The natural-looking foil makes this fish the perfect "catch" for your favorite Valentine. Two different sentiments tell your Valentine how you feel - "You're A Keeper" and "I'm Hooked On You". Each fish is packed in a reverse tray and colorful box that makes it look like this "keeper" is ready to hang in your trophy room.

My store didn't have the "I'm Hooked On You" version. However, it did have a choice of the trout or the bass.

Could you imagine getting this for your partner only to find out that they love trout and find bass offensive????

And, trust me, the foil was not "natural-looking." The only time I saw a trout in foil was during my childhood with my uncle, cooking our catch over a campfire on the side of the Winooski RIver outside Burlington, Vermont.

Well, dear readers of this humble blog, we at the world headquarters send you all of our love and gratitude for you continued readership, contributing to the discussions, and keeping us honest.

Regardless of whether you're a trout or a bass.

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I seem to be floundering for a proper reply, but I won't carp about your sentiments. All my best to you and yours on this and all days.

i was just perched at the edge of my seat as i read this.

scales, foil... yes, those look very similar. ha. happy v-day to you and yours.