Time to clean out your closets - how can you help in your community?

I used to keep a separate blog for items of local interest but I can't even keep up with one. So, you'll occasionally have to bear with me posting about issues of import from the area in and around Terra Sigillata World Headquarters.

But here's a local bit of info for our NC Triangle readers that should also remind the rest of you around the world to see what you can do in your own communities, especially during the global economic downturn.

This came across a tag in my Facebook from my far-better half, PharmGirl. I said, "Wow, this is great - where did you get it? Did you write it?" The response was a facial expression of exasperation that I clearly deserved, especially since I think this was also a thinly-veiled announcement to get off the couch and go through my own closets and office area.

And for those of our readers in the Southern hemisphere, a good fall cleaning can't hurt either.

From the pen, er, keyboard, of the PharmGirl:

Time to clean out your closets!

Time for spring cleaning is upon us again which means cleaning out all of those clothes, shoes, and housewares you never use.

If you are in the Durham area, please consider donating your gently used items to one of the following charities -- throughout the country, more people are shopping at thrift shops and in need of help, while donations are down.

Urban Ministries of Durham
-- a non-denominational homeless shelter/food pantry in Downtown Durham. They are particularly in need of men's clothes, shoes and work boots.


Durham Crisis Response Center -- provides shelter and support services to survivors and families following domestic or sexual violence. The Center operates a thrift store, Pennies for Change, with all profits going to support the Center. The thrift store accepts a variety of items including women's and children's clothes and shoes.


Habitat for Humanity --Habitat operates ReStore, a secondhand/thrift store. Proceeds from the ReStore support Habitat for Humanity affiliates in Durham and Orange counties in their mission to build decent, affordable housing. They will accept larger things, such as furniture and appliances, and will provide pick up. They also gladly accept housewares.


Of course volunteers and monetary donations are always welcomed at each of these organizations as well.

While I'm promoting my favorite area charities, please also take a look at donating to or volunteering at the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC, with locations in Raleigh, Durham, Greenville, Southern Pines and Wilmington. There are Food Bank locations throughout the country, so a quick Google search should show your local food bank site.



We spend a lot of time on these pages complaining about the state of science funding and the lack of job security shared by many of us. But, in reality, there is a disturbing degree of suffering going on out there from hunger, homelessness, sexual abuse and domestic violence.

For those of us blessed with more, I encourage everyone to look around their crib for things that could be better used by those in your community who are less fortunate.

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If you're in the same general area and more inclined towards animals, there's also the ReTails Thrift Shop in Raleigh. The profits go straight to an ongoing $20 spay/neuter project.

we've undergone a drastic downsizing in preparation for the upcoming cross-country move. i'm glad there are so many worthy organizations to which you can donate. actually, it's a very freeing feeling to let go of things you no longer use- especially if that can benefit someone else.