M.D. Anderson name misused in Evolv nutraceutical water advertising

Update: Visitors arriving by search engine may care to read our followup post on 20 November following M.D. Anderson's filing of legal action in this case.


The premier US cancer hospital and research center in Houston released a statement today distancing themselves from a Dallas company claiming an endorsement of their water product by The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center:

Recently, you may have heard or read about a company that sells Evolv, a "nutraceutical beverage," which is being promoted in part based upon testing done at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, but also is being mistakenly viewed as endorsed by M. D. Anderson. M. D. Anderson conducted limited chemical analysis of the product to evaluate its anti-inflammatory activity for a fee at the request of the manufacturer. No efficacy or toxicity data were generated at M. D. Anderson nor was the product tested on humans. Moreover, M. D. Anderson does not have any involvement with the company, the product is not produced by M. D. Anderson, and M. D. Anderson does not endorse the product or recommend its use.

The current text on Evolv's website an Evolv fan site is that:

Evolv's nutraceutical beverage with Archaea Active is tested by M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

The statement as listed is not exactly wrong; it's just not complete. Nothing there about what the product was tested for, but the implication is that it gained some healing power by passing through the hallowed halls of M.D. Anderson. I also have no clue as to whether it was tested for archaea (formerly archaebacteria) or if it has the capacity to amplify DNA.

Of course, my blogging about this is going to give the company publicity (a very, very small amount). Evolv is not just water but it is sold by a multi-level marketing company. I already knew to put one hand on my wallet when I dialed up their website. The header has the quote from Mary Kay Ash, "Nothing happens until somebody sells something," which rotates with others from her and Zig Ziglar who, no doubt, did not authorize their association with the company.

But water? The next multi-level marketing craze?

I don't think this holds water.

Now if we could only get M.D. Anderson to address this other misuse of their name.

Note added 10 September 2009: This comment from EvolvHealth's Chief Marketing Officer, Mr Jonathan Gilliam, brought to my attention that I had the incorrect website for the company (as corrected above). The actual website should be http://evolvhealth.com. Currently, their product page lists the M.D. Anderson claim as follows:

Our active ingredient has been tested by the MD Anderson Cancer Center of the University of Texas. Evolv will be released in Fall 2009

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Thanks for writing about Evolv. I donât think itâs fair to say that M.D. Anderson âdistancedâ itself from Evolv; it simply stated that it does not endorse our product, a position that any public research institution would take.

We were honored that M.D. Anderson chose to research our science, which was first begun by researchers at Texas A&M University more than 15 years ago. Our manufacturer, Health2o, will release M.D. Andersonâs report next week. Read it for yourself and decide.

Also, you visited a fan site for Evolv. The official company site is www.evolvhealth.com. Weâre happy to answer any question about our product or the science behind it, whether itâs from you or your non de plume.

Jonathan Gilliam
Chief Marketing Officer

Oh, man, I looked at the water site... if you buy their idiotic hype....I got this great bridge to sell you!!

I think anyone reading this will eagerly look forward to the report from MD Anderson (on their research into your "science" - especially since they themselves said:"M. D. Anderson conducted limited chemical analysis of the product to evaluate its anti-inflammatory activity for a fee at the request of the manufacturer. No efficacy or toxicity data were generated at M. D. Anderson nor was the product tested on humans." Limited chemical analysis for anti-inflammatory activity is hardly research into the BS that is claimed for the product. I assume that you (Mr Gilliam) went beyond MD Anderson and have several peer-reviewed papers - involving the usual double-blinded trials on animals and people - to support your claims?

Can you point to the journal articles that support your "science?"

Just went to the Evolvhealth website, and yep, that reeks of multi-level marketing scam. They even have the typical psuedoscientific claims of "boosting the immune system" and the like. Perhaps the CMO would care to explain what that means?

I remember seeing an ad for this (or something like it), and it was easy to see that the "woo is strong in this one."

Health2o is selling colon hydrotherapy, which they say is a "method of removing large amounts of waste from the large intestine".

I emailed the company about taking down the statement from their literature. Here is their reply, pasted directly from their email to me:


MD Anderson is not in the business of recommending or endorsing products. They fulfilled an in vitro testing process for our manufacturer, Health2o to determined if Health20's product (evolve beverage) has anti-inflammatory properties. There has been miss statements from pre-enrollees that MD Anderson backed, sponsored or recommends our products. This is not the case nor have we ever represented this to be the case. Our compliance department has been vigilant in contacting any mention of MD backed or endorsing our product to get it removed asap.

We have been in communication with MD and were aware they wanted to clear up any misconceptions in the market about a potential recommendation or endorsement. This is how they have addressed the issue. Monday the Archea Active science web site will be live with the MD and FutureCeutical reports posted on the acheaactive.com web site. You will notice they neither recommend or do not recommend using our product. We addressed this within 15 minutes by posting our response on both EvlovHealth blog and Facebook.

Best regards,
Michael Smith
EvolvHealth, LLC

By James Randolph (not verified) on 10 Sep 2009 #permalink

Network marketing is a legitimate and legal business model. Network marketing is highly regulated in the U.S. to prevent fraud and abuse. If it were a scam, then companies like Mary Kay would not thrive since the 1960's, and Monavie would not have done over $2 bil in business in the last 3 years.

Sometimes I am amazed that we live in a world so full of stupid people (or at least easily fooled) that will gladly shell out hard earned money for water. WATER!!!! Obama should give up his quest for universal health care and just invest the money in water. A billion dollars will buy a lot of water.

Michael Smith,
I guess your CEO is a "pre-enrollee" then. ON YOUR WEBSITE, In the intro video, he says in the most transparent BS sincerity, that Evolv is MD Anderson BACKED. You need to do some additional editing. Being in science research for 25 years, if you have enough money you can pay to have anything tested or evaluated, this is no big accomplishment. By the way, for you pre-enrollees, in-vitro is a fancy word for lab testing. Another problem to be aware of is that if this snakeoil water was patented in '95 the patent is only good for 3 more years. I also see they just trademarked the name "archeaactive" a week or so ago. Interesting that the app includes eye creams, medicated lotions and other great marketing BS products we are sure to see in the future. ENROLL NOW before you fall off the pyramid.

You who, anybody out there, Michael Smith, Jonathan Gilliam. Anybody care to reply....
How about Trey White? I thought so.....Lets sell water and make bazillions..Are you pre-enrolled? This is lovely in the name of Cancer...If we don't know what causes it, how can you refute what cures it.

Terry, I care to reply. Why are you bringing up cancer and what exactly is your problem as it relates to the subject of this post?

MD Anderson is in the business of providing testing and analysis core facilities and services. These services are not always in the "name of Cancer," as you say, but they are usually conducted in order to back specific product claims. While MD Anderson is not in the business of making product claims, this is usually carried out by a vendor that is in the business of selling the product. And this is called Marketing.

Congratulations on your 25 year career in science research. Does it now feel satisfying to pretend to know about Marketing, the Evolv product and the business plan?

I am pre-enrolled. Thanks for asking. I am a marketing professional and am very impressed with the potential of this company and product.

Tony Trust

@tony trust September 14, 2009 8:53 AM "Does it now feel satisfying to pretend to know about Marketing, the Evolv product and the business plan?"

There is no pretense, we know that apt marketing sells useless stuff. I know that hard-core salespeople take the most satisfaction inducing people to buy stuff they don't need. So, I know how you feel when you pretend to know about the utility (despite, lack of it) of a product that you can successfully foist on the unsuspecting public.


I'm certainly not a hard-core salesperson considering I haven't made a single phone call to anyone about the Evolv product. Well, I prefer high-tech over high-touch.

I disagree with your opinion because I am sure water is useful for people and the Direct Sales business model is proven.

To stay on topic here I must make the point that as with any other product, technological distinction is an important factor. Hence the testing of the product by M.D. Anderson. I am sure everyone is looking forward to learn about the findings.

Here is some info in response to those who "foist on the unsuspecting public" - http://www.evolvhealth.info/evolv-marketing/evolv-health-scam-or-not/

The product is natural spring water with nutrients. Lighten up. Some of us like to sell useless stuff like water.

Tony Trust

Monday... Almost Tuesday... No info posted yet on archaeaactive.com

Anyone care to comment on the statement by the evolv CEO saying that the product is backed by Anderson? Or has that been removed from the video floating around You Tube(High Tech) This product if "inferred" to death. There are a zillion institutions in which to conduct testing, why did you have to pick a premier cancer hospital? YOU HAVE NO RESULTS what are you applauding? If marketing is selling stuff that no one really needs, its all yours. What a satifying career choice and existence.

Amazing; Whenever a new product or company company come on the market, there are always someone who has dedicated their time to tearing it down. If I built a shelter for the homeless, I know some of you here would post finding something bad about it.
If any of the nay sayers had came up with the concept, they would not be here.

I have built and sold five companies over the past 18 years in the medical device arena. Not a one was based on deception, as this company has positioned itself . This is what infuriates me, you have a product that's not a new concept and that could never survive on the shelves of a store as a truly beneficial product. So you create what you call "direct marketing" to push it. It is nothing more than a pyramid, you buy so many, suck your friends in to buy so many more, they suck their friends in and you get a little piece of each one of these. And if you are early, you are at the top reaping in "millions". So all of you pre-enrollees are scrambling for your position to be near the top of this "opportunity" with visions of Lamborginis and Rolls Royces dancing in your heads, ala MonaVie. Can someone answer my question, why the CEO says that the product is backed by Anderson? This is the basis of this whole Blog isn't it? Why are all of the deciples doing all of the answering? Where's Jesus?

Terry, I think I answered your question in comment #12. My opinion only, of course --

Evolv makes claims about the product regarding anti-inflammatory activity. The product undergoes tests by MD Anderson for this activity. These tests at MD Anderson serve to back product claims. When one says "backed by MD Anderson," perhaps they are essentially abbreviating "backed by [test data produced by hired lab professionals at] MD Anderson." Is it the best choice of expression? No. But if you think there is "deception" going on here I think you are stretching too far yourself.

While the general direct sales distribution model is similar to MonaVie, the product and pricing are very different. In fact you can find a lot of beverages on the store shelves that sell for $2. Even if it doesn't fit within your budget or lifestyle, the market reality does dictate that this product will be in high demand.

So, you have implied first that I am a hardcore salesman, and now that I am a disciple or religious follower? Neither could be further from the truth!

You are right that pre-enrolling in Evolv to build a Direct Sales business could be quite lucrative, but you are obviously portraying some late night infomercial in your amusingly exaggerated description. Of course the truth is that building any successful business requires commitment and work.

Evolv has a solid leadership team that is quite busy these days. I think they do not have the luxury to hang out in blogs as I do. Not sure Jesus has time either. I'm glad you and I have time. This will be interesting to read 6 months from now.

Tony Trust

If you go back to blog #5, Michael Smith, not sure of his position at Evolv, says that the claim "backed by MD Anderson" was the result of miss-statements from the pre-enrollees.
So explain why the CEO says the very same thing in his video. It looks like they are throwing all of you pre-enrollees under the bus. Do you really want to work for a company that does this? I think it is in their best interest to answer these questions. This isn't just a blog, it is a relevant conversation about a serious claim that has been made and serious enough that the organization that you are hanging your hat on for credibility is distancing themselves from you guys as fast as they can. If this was my company I wouldn't shrug this off. I want an answer from the spin doctor himself. Does anyone know anything about the so called patent on this product?

While we appreciate a robust discussion about any topic, including Evolv, Terry here and others like him are just vitriolic and we'd rather not acknowledge people who enjoy anonymously lambasting the sincere efforts of honest people. But if I must I'll respond briefly:

1. Michael Smith, a customer service rep, was hired the day before he posted. He is embarrassed to say the least. Please lay off him, he's really a good guy.

2. The video you refer to was created in our first week of operation when information was limited. Apologies for inconsistencies but, as you say, the video is you-tubed and out there already. I think people are okay with our re-statements. Reasonable people, anyway.

3. I acknowledge in advance that we will make some mistakes. But one thing you can count on is we are being truthful and honest about what we are doing. If you just can't seem to believe that, we're really okay with it.

I wish you the best and sincerely hope you can find something positive to focus on. In that spirit, this is my last post to this blog.


First of all I am not anonymous. This is my real name and I will be more than happy to talk to you personally or anyone else. Lambasting? only when I can't get an answer. Vitriolic? Nice word! thats why you are the CMO, whats a CMO? This is the first attempt from anyone at your company at being truthful and I thank you. Why not remove the video off your website until the data comes back from Anderson. If its good, you have a hit if not there are probably CMO positions available at Mary Kay or MonaVie. This is the very least thing that you could do to limit the deception. If you truly have something that is beneficial then I am all for it. Beneficial from a consumer standpoint, not monetary from a salesman's point of view. Remember ......we are watching you

Hey Guys, if you dont like network marketing, I am not going to try to convince you to like it... If you dont want to drink or buy Evolv, dont drink or buy it... If you dont want to pre-enroll, dont... What is the big deal?

It is the misleading nature of how much scientific backing this has from MD Anderson, which claims that they never interpreted and data, that irks me. This is the their bio on Twitter:


Welcome to Evolv Health USA team page. Evolv yourself! Opportunity of lifetime on ground floor of new Bioscience company with patent backed by MD Anderson."

By bobcollum (not verified) on 24 Sep 2009 #permalink

Evolv is just another scam. I almost doubled over in laughter at the guy at the gym tonight who continues to try to get people to believe this is a real business. This guy even went as far as to say that he'll be putting this product into a vending machine owned by Coca-Cola. It was some good comedy. Then again the man trying to hype "water" also is involved in several pyramid schemes that he's tried to get people to join at the gym as well.

Hey Bob and Junior,

I am not much of a twitterer or facebooker, someone needs to relay this information on both of those sites. We have the ability to stop this farce before it gets started. Before innocent, gullable people lose their money to these slimy, you know whats.

I just read the results and based on the test results and information released by MD Anderson, it sounds like water. To me, when the results state "detectable but BLQ (below level of quantification)". For me, BLQ simply states, there, but in such small amounts, we don't have a number for it... there IS no number that small.

It really sounds like another bottled water, expensive bottled water... but water, nonetheless.

There are a lot of folks, in these horribly recessed times that are desperate to simply pay the bills.... the company should do well.

Nice word! thats why you are the CMO, whats a CMO? This is the first attempt from anyone at your company at being truthful and I thank you. Why not remove the video off your website until the data comes back from Anderson. If its good, you have a hit if not there are probably CMO positions available at Mary Kay or MonaVie. This is the very least thing that you could do to limit the deception. If you truly have something that is beneficial then I am all for it.

PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE. IF There Was ever A Lucrative opportunity that would provide exponential wealth. Then direct marketing companies would give exclusive territory distribution rights. No I Repeat NO Direct Snake Oil Pyramid Schemes EVER Give you a Partner opportunity. This means Any Joe Schmoes Including All your neighbors can sell A Stupid Product Like This to everyone. This creates Huge Competition This one factor Plays the most vital role for being successful. If pyramid Schemes worked so well. Why didn't Red Bull the Nations #1 Selling energy Drink Start off as direct pyramid Marketing company? Why? Because they actually needed a distribution channel that already has working business model of selling drinks to local retailers. AHHHH HAAA did RED Bull Actually think a business model Like direct marketing is how they were going to make money. every beverage company knows that shelf space down at your local market is ne of the best way to push you product. I Repeat nobody will ever have the right to exclusively distribute evolve in one certain territory. So any tom dick or harry can sell the same Snake oil to everyone. How will anybody make money? That's why major beverage companies have distribution channels with actual beverage distributor's. Not some person who thinks the are going to get rich Quick by watching some guy with mannerisms like Bill Clinton on a website that was created for $5000. Step right UP sign up for the another scheme of the century. Good luck but you will never see the results of of long term hard work. Just like every other direct marketing companies IE monvie , Zrii or snake oil etcc... until they setup channels for territory based sale which means you could actually sell direct to retailers no one will ever make long term wealth.

By King Of Truth (not verified) on 05 Oct 2009 #permalink

There is a sucker born every minute. The evolv's snake-oil distributors will be out there to find them!
Even if the archaea ingredient produces a limited anti-inflammatory response (notice how the data on their web site is incredibly difficult to read), how does that translate into how much they put in the beverage? Notice that no where do they tell you how much is in the beverage -- only that is doesn't effect appearance or taste of the water (so how much could actually be there??)

Tony Trust, posting above, admits that saying that it is "backed by" M.D. Anderson isn't the "best choice of expression", but do they change it?? Of course not.

Does anyone ask why this stuff is being sold in a MLM-type scam marketing? Because it would never sell in a real store, there would be too much scrutiny -- by customers and retailers, and it would be much more visible by the FDA and FTC who would shut this nonsense down pretty quickly. No selling water with dubious ingredients with magical claims is much easier down quietly by local snake-oil salesmen, who will look you in the eye and tell you and personally reassure you this is the best thing on earth and will cure and prevent cancer. The sad part is that there are people who fall for this crap. Look at Mona Vie. supposedly billions of dollars in sales of a $70 juice blend that would sell in a normal store for significantly less than $10. Sad. evolv is pure nonsense and BS. Run away.

By HealthyPeople (not verified) on 31 Oct 2009 #permalink

I drank this crap for 3 weeks, I'm on the 4th case now. I'm pissed because I spent so much time hyping up this during the pre-enrollment period. There is nothing in this water, and if there is, there must be very tiny traces of it. The nutritional facts are all zeros, the only difference is outside the nutritional facts it lists some ingredients like alfalfa, bromelain and Papain. I'm not convinced that the same product tested by MD Anderson is the same end product. I didn't know anything about the company so I was basing my decision to work this MLM on the product actually producing personal results. On top of the $55/case, there is a 2 case minimum, and shipping is almost $30! And I live in Dallas near their distribution center. Then they make you pay $40 for a distributor kit, which is essentially a padfolio with their logo all over it. Then, you have to pay $20 a month to see your downline...lmao...they call it the Premium e-center. I'm now waiting to see if they actually pay commissions since I did sign up people as distributors. You would think that if this product gives you energy, stamina and all that bs, then they would make a claim about kids drinking it. But evidently, your kids can drink as much as they want and these fools give these $3 water to their dogs too.

MD Anderson is doing more than distincing themselves. They are filing a federal lawsuit against Evolv after asking them to remove MD Anderson's name from their product. Evolv refused to cooperate, so now they are about to get the crap sued out of them! Good going Evolv!

Some people enjoy droning on and on spouting opinions that are just that and you know opinions are like butt wholes...everybody has one!!! Pyramids are illegal...a business plan is what you are talking about! Every thing in America is set up like a pyramid. If you work at a University there is the President of the University a Vice Pres., Provost, vice provost, professors assistance,,,etc... students. This looks like a pyramid and so does every other JOB in the world. Students (parents) pay hundreds of thousand dollars for an education thats gets them , if they are lucky,25-35% of what they paid to these institutions. I have a master's degree and started on another master's degree and of all the millionaires I have met throughout my live either inherited it or earned it through being in the right place at the right time or through network marketing. Not one of these people have a M.S. degree, as a matter of fact not even a B.S. You turn your nose up at water..but I bet as you sit at your computer being so OPINIONATED about network marketing you are drinking bottled water. Your wife if you have one may very well be seeking out all kinds of lotions and potions to maintain her youthful looks...somebody is making money on it why not some one like me...oh and I am a scientist.

Nope, S. Moore. No bottled water for me. It's a waste of energy and pollutes the environment. Read this post by Elizabeth at The Middle of Nowhere with Steve Greenberg's cartoon and and "The Truth About Bottled Water" from Men's Health.

I drink tap water filtered via a BRITA charcoal cartridge. Better than any bottled water I've had and each filter saves 300 bottles from being manufactured from petroleum products. You're a scientist? I'm very disappointed.

And yes, I have a wife. She's 41 and looks absolutely fantastic. I think it's because she doesn't drink bottled water either.

If you drink bottled water, you're with the terrorists.

Why do you hate America, S. Moore?

I'm just not impressed by someone who uses "butt wholes" when he means "butt holes."
I should also point out that not everyone has a butt hole. There are children born with imperforate anus and surgeons have to create butt holes for them. I also know a number of people who have undergone colectomy and, technically, no longer have a butt hole since it has been sewn shut.
That's a pretty big FAIL, and I haven't made it to your real argument yet, S.Moore. Just stop now and save us all some time.

Interesting. I have read many of the above comments. I sense bitterness from a few people who don't even appear to have a proverbial "dog in the hunt." Why is this? Is everything that is marketed multi-level a scam? According to some of you it is. Did it ever occur to you that multi-level is an excellent way to get a new product out to the masses in an effective way? As a consumer who has been drinking the nutraceutical beverage that is now called Evolv for over two years, I personally have had definite health benefits that I have no problem discussing. In fact, I know a lot of people who have benefitted in many interesting and phenomenal ways from drinking this beverage, but due to FDA and other institutional requirements, their results can't be discussed. (Now I'm beginning to wonder WHO is scamming WHO)? If anyone is truly interested in my personal testimony, I'd be happy to give it. It's mine....my benefits....and you can take it or leave it. But how silly for you to assume that there is no validity to a product because it is marketed MLM. From some of these comments, one would have to make the assumption that some of you have tried MLM, and just are not very good at it.


#1- Evolv was originally set up to go Retail. However, the decision was made that it would cost an extraordinary amount of money to really explain that it ISNT water, but a formula called Archaea Active. The water is the delivery system. Water is good for you, people are used to drinking bottled water, so they dont change habits, and the bottle itself becomes a branding tool.

#2- Everyone on here should decide carefully who to take their advice from. Warren Buffett says MLM is an incredible business model and owns one, bloggers here say its a scam. Donald Trump says its an incredible opportunity for ordinary people to get ahead, Terry with the coat hanger for a car antenna says its a pyramid. Who are you taking advice from?

#3- There was a comment that everyone was preenrolling to "get in early" so they can make millions while other suffer... Getting in early means nothing. It is only by hard work, dedication, and drive that you make money in MLM. You are not at the top of anything unless you build it. But try getting to the top of the corporate ladder... Try being a general in the Marine Corps. It takes far more time and is far less probable to get to this level than it does to build an MLM organization and provide for your family and beyond. I have seen so many timid, shy people absolutely grow beyond recognition, that noone can tell me that MLM is bad, or a scam.

#4- Archaea Active has been around for 15 years. Initially the formula was used in the process of bioremediation, then Gene Kaiser started drinking it, and since then there have been thousands of testimonials. I have a very personal testimonial, but will not share it as it will surely bring cries of "product claims" from people that have too much time on their hands... Soemone will always call it piss water, but who cares. I have thousands of testimonials that think the opposite. Dont drink it if you dont want to. Noone is twisting your arm.

#5- Lastly, the lawsuit that MD Anderson brought on Evolv is only related to the label. MD Anderson initially said Evolv could use their name on the label stating "Tested at MD Anderson". So, Evolv printed thousands of cases, and then MD Anderson changed their minds. Evolv is just sticking to the original agreement and that is the subject of the lawsuit. The original science and testing is not at all being disputed. So there ya go.

I'd like to say that my experience with Evolv thus far has been exceptionally good. I have helped friends, family, and co workers improve their lives and those around them through spreading the word of a product that makes you feel great. What a cool concept!

Time, more incredible testimonials like the ones that I've personally seen, and ongoing scientific research only will silence the naysayers and those that spew the negative venom on the blogs. They know not what they speak of.

Lastly Evolv has sent a weekly check every single week for the last 3 months since we started with the company. Show me another business in which you can start up for a couple of hundred dollars and be cash flow positive in month one?

I've owned many businesses and this has never been the case before.

Go Evolv!!

The snake oil salesmen can't take someone seeing through their smoke and mirrors game

Jason, read this on the problems with testimonials

Dear Everyone, Grant you there are masses and masses of scams out there and we are all on guard with these vampiric false companies that find a way to take our hard earned money. This is very simple people! Try the product and see for yourself. If it works it works if I does not then you need not invest your money further in this product, right? I have invested in Direct Marketing companies in the past and I have to admit most of them were very disappointing but most of this was due to poor internal structure. I tried the companies that claimed their product really made a difference with how you felt health wise only to find out later on that most of the companies did not have, natural or organic ingredients. Why would anyone subject themselves to pounds and pounds of "pills" per year when common sense tells us this is wrong?
I have been in the organic food industry for a combined 5 years and was exposed to countless companies claiming they had the best water. I tried all of them and noticed no differences that offered substancial health benefits. However to have a water that aids one on cellular level is a "totally different ballgame"! Again people we know anyone with savy marketing techniques can tell us that an "orange" can heal people if the audience is willing to comply. Now if you consumed that orange and all of a sudden your cancer suddenly disappeared after going to your doctor and having the results..............well that is something to continue, agree? If what these people say is "true" then try the product and stop whining like little old women and try it. Invest in this water and see what happens!!

Peace (and please stop whining it is very belittling of you)


By Peter Simon (t… (not verified) on 20 Jan 2010 #permalink

Just a quick note. Did you notice that " Amway Arena" is
on the floor of a professional NBA league? Guess the missed it..Did you see the US soccer championships where the two teams playing BOTH had MLMs on their uniforms as team sponsors? Guess they didnt know that.
Do you not think the law ever noticed the huge building with Herbalife on it for years next to LAX? Guess they never looked up.
Why is Avon, Tupperware and Mary Kay not is stores if your distribution model is the only valid one? All Avon reps are scammers? Why do ex-U.S. Presidents endorse this industry?
I have spoken to professional athletes that have nothing to do with Evolv from a profit or endorsement standpoint swear by this product. They are lying? NFL, UFC, and others? Would your opinion even matter a little to these elite individuals that continue to take this product, or should they stop and listen to you tell them you are the expert. Answer? They will continue to take it with no concern about your opinion.
I enjoy the product, so now you are going to attempt to apply negatives to something I enjoy buying by assuming you are more intellegent? I personally do not need studies to use a product. I judge it based on my own value perceptions.
Having been the President of corporations as well as very succesful in owning my own, I accept mistakes in all business cycles. MLM is a legal business model. Its ignorant to assume it is not. Thanks for your big brother approach to others, but they are free from your opinions as it is the American Free Enterprise System

Pretty simple folks. I know personally that the water has something in it. Son had advanced kidney failure and before we could get meds got some of the water and the Dr was amazed on progress. Those who actually drink it already know the energy build just after a simple bottle. I wonder if this is just a power play from M D Anderson and they found something they don't know how to explain and cannot get marketing rights thus "pound the small guy to submission". Now I am not to say that greed may be into play but you smart folks think about it.

By feuermeup (not verified) on 10 Feb 2010 #permalink

It's all God. God gives each of us talents and reveals things to us in a special way. I believe that this was a God given gift.

I can't believe the bitterness and outright disrespect some have shown through their comments. The wonderful thing about living in our country is we have a great thing called "rights", and what that means is we have choices. We can choose to believe in a religion, lifestyle, or PRODUCT, or we can choose to NOT believe in any of those things. So, I am just wondering; why all the animosity??? No one is being forced to purchase, use, or even be a part of this product's /company's activities. Get a life, u career bloggers!!! Get a life!!!

By Stacy Wooden-Palmer (not verified) on 17 Feb 2010 #permalink

Look at this steady little stream of sockpuppets whining "I've been dilled and it's my right to be conned into buying magical water!!!"

By antipodean (not verified) on 17 Feb 2010 #permalink

OH MY GOD. People will believe ANYTHING! What kind of pathetic moron do you have to be to buy into this crap? Are you really that lonley?? I think the real issue is that people are SO DESPERATE to be part of something that they convince themselves of things like water having a magical power. Come on people. Wake up! Those people in your uplines that are making their money on your stupidity are no better than those tv evangelists that steal money from old ladies. Seriously, get real jobs and perhaps a life. The funny thing is that a lot of people selling this now used to sell another unnamed "magical juice" which they all swore was the best thing on the planet.... until their commissions stopped!! They quickly stopped drinking that magical juice (how quickly they forget its healing powers!!)and moved on to this one. hahahaha. People are soooooooo gullible. This is nothing more than ANOTHER cult. Ps... I just drank a bottle of SMART water and now I am splitting atoms..... ha ha ha ha ha. Kudos to the genuis that convinces so many fools to spend 55 bucks on a case of water!!!My hero!

I've only known about Evolv for a week now. I saw the video link on a friend's Facebook page and after I watched it, I was curious about it. I approached them about it and had a case of the water to try within two days. After drinking Evolv throughout the week, I have honestly noticed an increase in my energy level. I am a dedicated Coca-Cola drinker and "rarely" drink coffee. My morning soda doesn't give me any sort of a caffeine lift, I just love the flavor of it. I googled Evolv to find out about some of the other products and I saw "Evolv water scam". Of course I went to this site to see what was really going on. As I read more and more of the comments, I felt I should add my own comment. I'm sure there will be a large handful of skeptic's out there saying, "well they've got him now"! Think about this, and this will involve the use of some common sense. Which a lot of people don't use these days and obviously from some of the negative comments posted above, it truly shows. I have never met Trey Smith or any of his front office Evolv associates. Why would these successful individuals take a risk on a scam in this day and age with a crippled economy? I'm sure they took a few risks in their younger days to get to where they are today. But at this point in their lives, I don't believe they are out to make any mistakes. Their hearts & souls are in a product that they truly believe can improve the quality of life for others. As far as the price, there are so many choices of water you can purchase at your stores. From vitamin enhanced to energy enhanced that people gladly pay a broad range of prices for. Try it, if you want. If it's not for you then don't drink it. You can still go out and buy the $2.99 a case water at your grocer that more than likely comes straight out of the tap and is in a cool looking bottle. I have researched a lot of info this past week concerning the make-up and design of Evolv water and will continue to do so and am fascinated by the product. As far as a get rich quick scheme or a pyramid scheme. It's all sales, our world is full of it. It's not a cheap add on late-night television. If "you" opened a restaurant with great food & atmosphere, wouldn't you tell as many people out there as you could to come and check it out. To the guys at Evolv, keep moving forward. Your on to a good thing!

By Jeff Norton (not verified) on 21 Feb 2010 #permalink

As to my above comment, I must apologize for posting Trey's last name improperly. I was momentarily interrupted by an 8 year old around that point of my comment and failed to catch it upon proofing it. Much regards, J. Norton

By Jeff Norton (not verified) on 21 Feb 2010 #permalink

Hello there Evolv sockpuppet masters

The reason we can tell you are sockpuppets is because you all learned to 'write' in marketing school.

Press release English is obvious press release English.

By antipodean (not verified) on 21 Feb 2010 #permalink

Excuse me, Mr. Antepodean "Internet Vulture". I'll try not to be so rushed next time, but the sentiment is there. Take it for what it's worth and let's stick to the topic of discussion.

By Jeff Norton (not verified) on 21 Feb 2010 #permalink

This is nothing to do with you being rushed since what you write is perfectly clear and pretty well phrased. The topic of conversation is the perversion of science and a legtimate scientific organisation by quacks with press releases full of testimonials and lies.

You are the topic of conversation. You are a shill for quackery.

By antipodean (not verified) on 22 Feb 2010 #permalink

We will leave it at that. Each to his own!

By Jeff Norton (not verified) on 22 Feb 2010 #permalink

Just remember "Jeff" that you marketing wonks occasionally kill people when you shill quack products for cancer.

By antipodean (not verified) on 22 Feb 2010 #permalink

Mr. "Anti", They're not saying that this is any cure or type of aid for cancer. Everyone has the right to try something and form their own opinions. The numerous testimonials merely state that some who have tried this product have felt some beneficial effects. For the record, I am not a "marketing wonk". I am a self-employed individual who found this product of some interest and then through investigating stumbled upon this blog. Keep doing what you do and have a wonderful life!

By Jeff Norton (not verified) on 23 Feb 2010 #permalink

"Everyone has the right to try something and form their own opinions."

No they don't. This extremist argument was finally bought down by the establishment of the FDA so that shills like yourself could no longer market poisonous and ineffective substances to a sick public made gullible by their desperation. Claiming that a substance has been tested by a famous cancer centre is a blatant attempt to slip an anti-cancer message under the bar without actually saying anything. It's not subtle and it's not clever.

The fact you can still market 'magic' water for carefully phrased, not quite, but we're hinting at it, wink-wink medical indications is a scandal.

And you are a marketing wonk because you are marketing the magic water. And can I presume self-employed really means pyramid salesman of magic water?

Antipodean is a word. Go look it up, it's a description of a person from a geographical location. It's not Anti anymore than what the South Pole is. Then look up the more colloqual 'snake-oil salesman', that's an unethical occupation, which is what you do.

By antipodean (not verified) on 23 Feb 2010 #permalink

I know what antipodean means, "twit". You also presume wrongly, I specialize in a legit trade that has nothing to do with water or any type of pyramid scheme. You are truly a piece of work and a strong front man for the presumably assuming crowd. What would we do without people like you?

By Jeff Norton (not verified) on 23 Feb 2010 #permalink

So you normally roam the internet shilling quack products just for the hell of it? That's odd behaviour.

"What would we do without people (my insert:twits) like you?"

Well you'd probably have been dead since infancy from either poisoning or an infectious water-borne disease like cholera. And that's assuming you survived childbirth.

By antipodean (not verified) on 23 Feb 2010 #permalink

Antipodean, You know I was walking through the woods one day and I pulled a tick from my arm before he could do any harm. I tried to extinguish it, but it just wouldn't die. You and that tick are a lot alike. What kind of "magical water" have you been drinking? With that being said, you may have the last word from here on out. You are a waist of my time and words. Good luck with your cause!

By Jeff Norton (not verified) on 23 Feb 2010 #permalink

Wow...Jeff...I landed on this site in much the same way as you did and can't believe my eye's...thanks for holding ground and remaining positive...on behalf of all of us who have tried the product and made up our own minds. I for one was extremely skeptical, though do know a good business model when I see one. But that being said, the product IS the most important thing. It saddens me that so many are still hung up on old "snake oil", pyramids, and other historical and once legit issues and products, to the point that they can't see the beauty in the current MLM's which are as I believe you, or someone above, stated as being highly regulated.

But, while we are on the subject of Pyramids...let's look at one! Let's take the traditional business model with the CEO at the top! His team of 4 or 5 below him, with their respecitive teams of 4 or 5, and so one and so forth, all the way down to the basement mailroom, stock boys, truck drivers, admins, etc., which number in the hundreds in large corporations. Hmmmm...anyone recognize that as taking the shape of a pyramid? How often and how long does it take for someone from the mail room to make it to CEO? Usually, the argument is that in a pryamid scheme those at the top make all the money, and those below do all the work for little money at all...hmmmm... still sounds like corporate America...and that it is impossible for those below to break through to the top? IF we are going to accuse something of being a pyramid...lets at least acknowledge where they really exist...in a traditional corporation where the only way you rise to the top is if the top people get fired, die, or move on to climb to another level at another company! the higher up the pyramid you go, the less of a chance you can break through that ceiling!

If you REALLY take a look at Network Marketing for what it is, you will see that it is really an upside down triangle (or pyramid if you must)...the the leadership is at the bottom...equipping, empowering, engaging, envisioning, those that CHOOSE to enter in to work with them! They don't make money unless they engage in those activities which will promote their people! They are paid to lead. To encourage. To train. To consult. To empower. To equip. and train others to do the same. They provide ordinary people, who believe in whatever product our company represents, with an EXTRA ordinary opportunity to create their own economy! Or at the very least, hedge against the one we exist in currently by not being dependent on it. I believe this is why brilliant business men that are smarter than most of us on this blog are now engaging in Network Marketing businesses...Trump, Buffet, and others. Do they need to? NO. But do they see the opportunity to engage the American Entrepenuerial Spirit? Yes! I believe we all should have a little network business...Geez...Look at the guy who started McDonalds in the 60's! He made a burger. Invited people to try it. They liked it. They told their friends, who liked it. He then saw a bigger picture thanks to a friend who encouraged him to open another store...So then he invited people not to just try his burgers, but check out his BUSINESS!!! And...goodness...they invested! ALOT! And with each one, he made a made a profit...and still does...its call reproducible, residual income. It's brilliant. And companyies like Evolv, Mona Vie, Mary K, Pampered Chef...believe that they can share their product faster by word of mouth by people who love it than by putting it on a shelf to compete with a million others. Stories don't get told from a shelf.

So...all that to be said....Mr. Anti...whatever ...please speak only of the things of which you know. Why you must try to taint things that are not out to harm you or anyone else is beyond me. I've watched this company evolv right here in Dallas since its inception. Carefully. I have friends who are good friends with those on the management team. They are high integrity, honest, humble, hard working individuals who don't need any more money. But they too found something they believe in...and I for one am proud of them. Please don't retort that I am some one's puppet. Not even close. Fortunately, I can take things that negative bloggers spew and it makes me just that much more energized to prove you wrong, which will happen with time. However, I only took time to write, not for you...but for those who might be reading who might be influenced by your negativity. I hope if you are reading this, whoever you are, that you will take all of the posts, especially the negative one's with a grain of salt. Use your own God given wisdom. If something looks interesting to you...try it! Make up your own mind. If it makes you uncomfortable, take pause...ask why! Hey even if we fail at something...at least we fail "forward" ... and learn from our experiences...grow from them...and are better the next time. If you are paralyzed by fear of failure...you'll be stuck where you are. Don't let negative people make you stuck.

Make it a great and blessed day!

"So...all that to be said....Mr. Anti...whatever ...please speak only of the things of which you know."

OK, I will. You are shilling a quack product. And why do these sock puppet shills keep calling me Mr?

By antipodean (not verified) on 07 Mar 2010 #permalink

Hey Guys check this out! Evolv will be on Channel 8 WFAA NEWS MOnday MArch 15th so check out what real people have to say about Evolv, not distributors!

What an interesting blog. I know a new distributor of Evolv, and I personally think that most people who latch on to Multi-level marketing schemes are hoping to find their fortune in the fastest/easiest way possible. We all know that only those at the top of the pyramid ever realize that dream. Also, the distributors I know can ill-afford to be squandering $55.00 on a case of water. My entire grocery bill for a family of 5 is only $500.00 a month. At the rate I drink water (not counting everyone else in my family), I would spend almost my entire grocery budget on Evolv, if I chose to buy into this scheme.

For those of us who have been approached to "watch the presentation," here's a message to all of you sales people: Please know that you are alienating most of friends and family members and preying on your vulnerable friends and family through your tactics. If I want water, I'll drink tap from one of the top 10 water supplies in the country (Dallas). Also, I have three little boys, and at their last Dr. visit, I was told that at their age, drinking tap water is more important than teeth-brushing at their young age (because of the fluoride).

Thanks to "Justice" for pointing out that WFAA covered Evolv in March 2010. The verdict according to the nutritionist? Anyone can get as much health benefit from a $.22 vitamin pill vs. a $2.91 bottle of water with unregulated amounts of various supplements.

The truth is, the best nutrition comes from real, whole foods. Parents, if you believe that your children are getting great health benefits from Evolv, try this: purchase a mango, a yam, yogurt, almonds, bananas, lean fish, etc. Push away the Chicken McNuggets. . I promise that if you adhere to consistently healthy eating, you will see better (and proven) health benefits that drinking a hyped-up bottled water (which may boast claims of health benefits but creates incredible waste for the environment).

By Julie Janik (not verified) on 30 Mar 2010 #permalink

Guys, this is very interesting blog, when we dicuss about a 'magic water' or if Anderso endorse Evolv or not, the reallity is the product is working so good. Is better than most supplements exist in the marketplace. Is not a magic bullet but you can't say is a hype if you don't look inside the orogin of the product. I'm an exceptic person. I'm don't believe at first sight. i do a reseaarch about the information I receive (that's my rigth) and after that I can make my own opinion about it.

I believe this product can help so many people with health problems. Not as magic solution but this thing can support the body. Doctors and people are taking the product some friends in labs are taking time to understand how and why it works. The Big idea was to put someting inside water. Why? because everybody are lazy to take care about theri health. How wasy is to open a bottle and drink something that is natural for you?

I'm not a fanatic of the product but I saw what is doing in specific situation with people that I love. Not a hype, true situatios out of placebo effect.

You can talk whatever you want because this is a freecountry, but that not means the product doesn't work.

About the business is another topic open to discuss. Many can say the system doesn't work other yes, whatever you think is ok, because both sides are right. MLM industry is a good way to create an extra income, just a few people can build a fortune but if you learn you always earn money over your investment. I have a lot of financial experience. I worked in one of the vlargest insurance companies in Mexico and i can tell you, MLM industry provide a great chance to improve your finances. For sure some of you will have a different opinion but the results are there. I'm not promoting any company or product but is true about some products works very well and this MLM industry can support your finances if you learn how it works.


Why do people keep falling for this MLM stuff. Get a real business for nothing but the annual price of the domain and hosting. Sell Ink,Toner and Copier supplies on your own website (not a cheap extension url). No products to buy, stock or ship! Just tell people to check your prices and if they like they will buy. Oh by the way....you'll be able to beat Staples on pricing. "No Brainer Business". Earn 5-20% per sale. Own your own business for just $0.17 cents per day....that's not a misprint! And it's guaranteed or your money-back! This water guy won't money-back guarantee will he? We lose money if you don't make money! Thats our motivation. NO MLM BS. Just a real business for real people. Go to www.cartridgesuperstore.com and find out more. You will be glad you did!

I came across the product EVOLV this morning by accident,I have read and comprehended the content and have listened to the videos, which appear to be genuine. One in particular is that of Mr. Guy Mezger who appears to be an honest no BS, what you see is what you get kinda guy and not your typical MLM superficially charming meaningless snake. I HAVE WORKED WITH AND MET A FEW!!

In reading some of the comments here it is evident that many of you are clearly scared cowards, scared of success. Most of you talk loud and say nothing other than that which is obvious:- THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!! Some of you are just plain viciously envious, spiteful and jealous. Some of you have been hurt by MLM! So what? You have been screwed by you bank but you still do have a BANK account!

You do not have the nerve nor the confidence to invest in yourselves. As a result you cannot stand to think of others making it, therefore, you lash out at and want to destroy and or blame those who are actually making it. Simply because it is easier to be negative and easier to make excuses to oneself so you won't have to be getting off your asses and doing something meaningful and positive. It is so much easier to be NEGATIVE!!

Also, some of you think that you know everything, which is why you failed miserably at MLM. Maybe at one time your car was parked outside because your garage was full of either soap or water-filters. Evolv's compensation plan does not permit FRONT END LOADING.
Instead of reading their compensation plan and understanding it, you jump to conclusions and that is exactly when verbal diarrhea sets in.

I am going to try the product... if it is as good as it appears to be, I will sign-up and I will be one of the top producers, while you are still stuck with your bovine feces (faeces) theories and accusations.


So, with everyone going GREEN, tell me about the bottles the water comes in and the packaging they come in? Are they recycled paper and plastic? Biodegradable? Just wondering....I'd rather be with an MLM that has a green product.

Wow, I came across this little blog the same way as many and congrats and good work. People need to know the truth.
There is power in the Placebo!!!

I'm writing this to testify that the archaea active in the evolv water is truly legit! My husband has been going through a serious condition regarding his colon and has had bouts of weakness & fatigue. He had stopped drinking the water and recently began drinking it and he says that his energy level is amazing. He's not feeling weak & fatigue like he was before he began drinking the water. He's noticed a tremendous difference and he knows that it's the archaea active ingredient in the water so just to let all of you naysayers know that EVOLV is not just water!


You forgot to use upper case 'evolve' every time you mentioned it. Also when you want to ape your quack corporate masters more effectively they really love it when you add the trademark or registered symbols in.

Extra credits for the use of unnecessary exclamation marks and the vague self-limiting or relapsing remitting condition and non-specific symptoms though.


By antipodean (not verified) on 08 Jul 2010 #permalink

Don't knock it till you try it! I developed terrible psoriasis a few months ago. A friend of mine recommended I try it, so I bought some. A little pricey I'll admit, but it cleared it up immediately. Definitely worth it!


I have to tell you that our country is hurting so bad from the many years of crap that we have consumed not knowing what ingredients are present. This water is harmless at the least and can be helpful in so many ways. All products are tested on plants and animals because people have opinions and placebo effects. The one guy that claimed no effects is probably beyond help emotionally and physically. Health is challenging and in our present state extremely challenging. We are loosing our country and our way of life due to global competition and M-L-M is a great way to reward people that provide the hard work and reminds others of why America is such a great place to live. We need some good success stories right now in business and in living, health and innovation is the same way we need more people looking for simple solutions to our current prescription based cornucopia. If you are worried about $55 a month you must have some serious problems and might want to stay away from the computer and anything else that waste time and money, I bet that internet connection cost you close to $55/month. This product in addition to good water, clean living, green foods and proper exercise will prolong life and give you fewer health issues to worry about. I encourage you to try something new and healthy and loose something old and wasteful every month you would be surprised how life will give you rewards for developing good habits.