Zenph Studios now hiring music analyst and technology coordinator for "re-performances"

Audio documentarian, local hero, and Pharmboy family friend, Richard Ziglar, let us know over the weekend of some employment opportunities for music and tech-minded folks at Zenph Studios in Research Triangle Park.

What is Zenph, you ask? Zenph takes classic piano recordings, often from long-departed performers, dissects them digitally to capture nuances of the live performance, and then "re-performs" them live in a recital hall on legendary Steinways driven by the software. These are *not* digital remasterings but recordings of an actual replaying of the original work.

Listen to this example of a 1926 performance by Alfred Cortot of Chopin's prelude #3 in G major from the original 78 rpm record and the 2005 re-performance.

Richard has had the opportunity to meet co-founder and chief technology officer, Dr. John Q. Walker, and thought very highly of him, recommended that interested parties very seriously consider one of these positions.

Walker is himself a pianist and software engineer who also co-founded Ganymede Software and, according to his Zenph biography, "was influential in the creation of the IEEE 802 local-area network (LAN) and the 802.11 wireless LAN ("Wi-Fi") standards." His TED talk is here and, as you can see in the comments, Zenph's approach is quite polarizing. Regardless, I find this fascinating.

Here are the positions:


Strong Computer and Music Skills

Do you have perfect pitch and a superb ear for the nuances of classical and jazz music? Are you a fine, active pianist? Do you read complex music scores readily? Do you have strong, fearless computer skills, especially experience with MIDI? Are you a perfectionist? Do you work efficiently with little supervision?

Join us in inventing the 21st century equivalent of music transcription.

A full-time job, working in the Research Triangle Park area in North Carolina. Could start as part-time.

Excellent pay, stock options, full medical and dental benefits, IRA matching.

Our business turns audio recordings back into the data representing live performances.

Join us on the ground floor of a major revolution in music production!


Zenph Studios, based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, is looking for a Technology Coordinator to satisfy the following three roles:

The Technology Coordinator reports to the VP of Finance/Operations, and is responsible for directing all internal IT and related activities of the organization.

This individual has three roles. First, this person is accountable for ensuring continuity of computer and peripheral services throughout the organization through planning, technical leadership, and project coordination. Second, this individual is responsible for maintaining the technical aspects of company's music recording facilities. Finally, this person is responsible for creating and executing company's social media strategy.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in IT, engineering, or other technical discipline with a minimum of 5 years experience or Associate's Degree with minimum of 7 years experience in related duties. Minimum of 5 years supervisory experience.
  • Ability to analyze information related to computer technology to assist in directing company management in the selection of software and hardware to meet the needs of the organization. Sound understanding of current applications and trends in IT.
  • Ability to analyze information related to recording and audio technology to assist in directing company management in the selection of software and hardware to meet the needs of the organization.
  • Formal experience in a recording studio, or radio station environment strongly preferred. Fluency with digital audio workstation and video editing hardware and software.
  • Strong inter-personal skills, good judgment and ability to communicate effectively with a diverse range of individuals.
  • Experience working with technical aspects of music studios.
  • Experience with social media.

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I have had the pleasure of listening to a number of Zenph re-recordings. They are well worth a listen. They have sponsored several Raleigh Chamber Music Guild performances and have had the automated pianos play. If I remember correctly, one pieces was one by Glenn Gould. Another project they worked on was one with Milton Laufer at Peace College on a very old Spanish composer. Dr. Laufer played an almost unrecognizable original and then the piece that was reconstructed using the Zenph Studio software. It was an amazing transformation.
I was impressed. I would be applying if I wasn't already employed.

By Roger Austin (not verified) on 23 Dec 2009 #permalink