Attention Evil Geniuses and Kids: MakerFaireNC today!

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So you ran any number of 5K charity races yesterday or went on the Piedmont Farm Tour. But it's a rainy Sunday in the Southeast and you're wondering what to do with a house full of cooped-up kids, especially if it's too soggy to do day two of the farm tour.

Let me suggest that you get to Durham, NC, to MakerFaire:NC.

Maker Faire is an annual event organized by the people who bring us MAKE Magazine. Maker Faire:NC is a fully sanctioned event but is being planned and coordinated by Raleigh/Durham locals. Our goal is to bring together Makers, Crafters, Inventors, Evil Geniuses, Scientists, Artists, and anyone else interested in learning from NC, SC, VA, DC, and beyond.

Maker Faire:NC is FREE to attend thanks to our generous sponsors and commercial exhibitors.

Just like the bigger Left-Coast version, Maker Faire:NC celebrates things people create themselves -- from James Bond-worthy electronic gizmos to Martha Stewart-quality "slow made" foods and homemade clothes. Inspiration is ubiquitous at the festival and there are surprises around every corner for people of all ages.

Regular readers who follow the creative activities of Toaster Sunshine at Mad Scientist, Jr. will know a little more about what these life and tech hackers do.

Here's the Quick FAQ but the details are:

Where: Indoors at Loehmann's Plaza, 1821 Hillandale Rd, Durham, NC 27705

When: Today, Sunday, April 25 - 9 am to 9 pm

Cost: $0.00

There will be wi-fi available for two bucks if you need it.

Here's a list of the exhibitors to get a flavor of the stuff that will be there.

MakerFaireNC is run by a professional events company under the local guidance of Jonathan Danforth, an audio/video/artist/multi-tech guy I first learned of from his expertise in daguerreotypes.

The PharmKid and I will be rummaging about. Follow us on Twitter @AbelPharmboy.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I went down for about an hour and found a very eclectic mix of people - beekeepers, bat houses, the guy making organs from old keyboards and chips rescued from Commodore 64s, the local SCA, and I actually bought one of the Ardunio kits one of the groups was selling.

I've attended two of the West Coast ones, and will do so next month. Thanks for promoting this nifty event!

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