Big Cats in Britain, the 2007 conference

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Well, holy crap. Want to have your enthusiasm for a certain subject invigorated? Then attend a conference; preferably one that features amazing new data, unbelievably cool new video clips, valuable discussion of new ideas and sharing of concepts, is attended by the great majority of active people in the field, and - best of all - includes several scoops that are so stunning that it's difficult to imagine how far-reaching they might be. I've just returned from the 1st Annual Big Cats in Britain conference, held at the Dorchester Hotel in Hull (East Yorkshire). And I'm really, really excited. Full post to be published tomorrow, sorry.

UPDATE (added 27-3-2007): spent the evening out in the field and hence was unable to complete article, sorry. Am now aiming to post it tomorrow (28-3-2007).


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Your enthusiasm is quite contagious (-B

There's only one thing you need to remember: to have fun!

have nice days.

By Anthony Docimo (not verified) on 26 Mar 2007 #permalink

"several scoops that are so stunning that it's difficult to imagine how far-reaching they might be"

What could these be? Giant panthers taking over Scotland? Terrorists breeding Catzilla in London? What??

Your audience awaits with bated breath.