Tet Zoo picture of the day # 1

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Following a recent phone discussion with Dave Hone of Ask A Biologist, I'm going to try something really lame in a desperate effort to boost my number of hits. Shudder. I am going to start posting a new picture every day. Yes, every day. The pictures might be of anything, so long as they are within the Tet Zoo remit of course. This will not impact the number/quality/timing of those super-lengthy 'proper' posts you all visit for. So here we are with # 1. It features a dromaeosaur coughing up a pellet: a possibility suggested by the discovery of a regurgitalite in Cretaceous rocks from Russia, and of a pellet (containing juvenile bird remains) from the Cretaceous of Spain. I'll stop there on the discussion, otherwise this post will become a full-length discussion with citations and everything. Blame Dave Hone for planting the seed of this idea in my head.. and, again, I can't mention Dave without reminding you to visit - and use - the Ask A Biologist site.

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Cool! It wasn't really a suggestion for you, but good luck with the idea.

*If* you are taking submissions I can offer a rather nice one of the new Thermopolis Archaeopteryx I recently had a chance to see, and I have dozens of nice wildlife shots.

I'm looking forward to seeing lots of tetrapod photos, and thanks for the AAB publicity.

Are you planning on taking submissions, and are you planning on doing extant as well as extinct animals?
That's a great picture, by the way, art that shows behavior is always really interesting.

Thanks Dave and Anne-Marie: yes, I'll be happy to take submissions (send any images to my eotyrannus at gmail dot com email), and, yes, extant taxa are within the remit. Nothing under copyright, of course, and everything will be credited. On the remote chance that I now get flooded with a thousand images, I'm not guaranteeing use of any given image. And the more spectacular the better, of course.

Are you familiar with APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day)?


which is quite a prestigious institution in the astronomy/space research world. Unfortunately TZPOD is not quite so snappy an acronym.

By Tommy Tyrberg (not verified) on 27 May 2007 #permalink

Great concept on the drawing! I may steal it from you some day. Just in case I do, please feel free to swipe any images from any of my sites if you come up short for a picture of the day.

Hey, Darren, I'll definately be sending you some pictures. I'll try to send brand-new stuff (instead of crap recycled from my blog drawings). I'm working on a fairly detailed skull project right now, so if you like detailed dinosaur skulls, I'm your man!

But TETPODZOOPOD isn't bad.