Tet Zoo picture of the day # 28

i-e75cad208fec558b6fb0767ee029080d-Longleat 16-9-2007 12 resize.jpg

No time for nothing today, sorry. In desperation, I thought I'd blog a photo of a bronze hippo. Here it is. SVPCA part II next, then Becklespinax and Valdoraptor, then cryptozoology conference stuff (think monster pigeons and assorted other obscure extinct island-endemic giants), then Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered amphibians. Then red panda empire, Australia land of placentals, and beluwhals (at last). But don't hold your breath. And it's not really TZPOD # 28, but I've lost count.

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It's well known that the islands of the Mediterranean were formerly home to an assortment of island endemics, all of which are now extinct. Most of the best known ones are mammals like pygmy elephants, pygmy hippos, pygmy megacerine deer and giant dormice, but there were also large birds, tortoises…
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A major global conservation effort, aiming to bring to better attention the chronic plight of the world's amphibian species, was launched at the start of this year. You might have heard of it: the Year of the Frog movement. And, today, a second project aimed at conserving the world's endangered…
I used to have a deep-seated sense of guilt that I didn't post enough dinosaur stuff here at Tet Zoo. After all, I might be the only writer at scienceblogs involved in palaeontology, so I have a duty to remind the world how incredibly cool and scientifically relevant long-extinct dinosaurs are.…

And the temnospondyl series...! :-)

By David Marjanović (not verified) on 29 Sep 2007 #permalink

And a very nice hippo it is. Where does it live?

[from Darren: Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire, UK]

monster pigeons and assorted other obscure extinct island-endemic giants

Does that mean dodos?

[from Darren: ha-ha - wait and see! Or... no :) ]

And multis....lots and lots of multis!Oh! And the weirdness of paleocene "placentals".

(ok that last one is just on my wish list, what with
*Maelestes* and all)...I'm assuming it will be a few
years before new any papers.*sobs*

Btb, happy belated birthday.

[from Darren: thanks! And haven't I ever mentioned the 'Tet Zoo guide to Palaeogene mammals'? It's in preparation - expect a long wait.]

Wow, Brit hippos went through a bronze age? What's up with all those ingenius British tetrapods? Something in the soil perhaps?

Great video, I'm thinking of getting a litter of hippos, need to get some down feather blankets though, gets a bit chilly here.

If you really dig hippos, check out this link

The video is awesome - thanks for sharing it Chris. Wow.

On cold tolerance in hippos, certainly those kept in some European zoos have had to endure sub-zero temperatures for months at a time. I think that, so long as they have water and/or mud to protect them, they can be ok.

> 'Tet Zoo guide to Palaeogene mammals'?
> It's in preparation - expect a long wait.]

'Tet Zoo guide to Palaeogene mammals' :-)!!! Please don't make the wait too long...

That video made my day and made me briefly entertain the notion of a pet hippo. If they actually are perfectly tamable I'm going to guess some other factors (slow growth?) made them inconceivable as a domestic animal. Did Jared Diamond discuss that species? I'm also wondering how good a pygmy hippo would have been as a domestic animal since...

Pointless Fact of the Day: Under the mighty president Calvin Coolidge there apparently was a presidential pygmy hippo named Billy.

> Did Jared Diamond discuss that species?

He did. His point was that Hippos grow fast but are too dangerous for domestication.

but are too dangerous for domestication.

Famously, more people are killed by hippos than by crocodiles every year. Crocs will only kill you when they're hungry, or perhaps if you get very close to their nest. Hippos will kill you for trespassing.

By David Marjanović (not verified) on 02 Oct 2007 #permalink