California's declining frogs

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you'll know that 2008 is Year of the Frog (more here), and that several projects - including Amphibian Ark and EDGE - are working to try and save endangered frog and toad species before they become extinct. We need to do all we can to continue to drum up interest in the conservation effort that many of us are now involved in. Quest, a science show at KQED (the PBS station in San Francisco), has just produced a new video concentrating on the decline of Californian Yellow-legged frogs R. boylii (aka Foothill yellow-legged frog, and it's - apparently - not R. boylei as often stated) and Red-legged frogs R. aurora draytonii: you can watch it here (with extras), or right here, right now...

PS - remember to sign the online Amphibian Ark petition!

PPS - am obviously back from the conference. More on that soon. Giant pterosaurs, Gerhard Heilmann's angels, the 1916 sinking of the SS Mount Temple, Dynamosaurus, Gideon Mantell's baryonychines, Piltdown man and Arthur Conan Doyle's dinosaurs, and much more. Where else could you hear the line ".. from the north came the furry tyrannosaurs"?

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