Big cats on holiday

No time for anything substantive, but here's a montage featuring some of the stuff we've been looking at while on holiday. Some of the cats here are rather unusual: the tiger in the middle of the top row was a Siberian x Chinese hybrid.


Getting good photos of the jaguars proved not so easy (see bottom right).

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Nice set of photos. I always find tigers walk up and down by the nearest fence, so you cant focus through it, as youve shon in 3 of your photos.

the tiger in the middle of the top row was a Siberian x Chinese hybrid

You mean a cross between altaica and amoyensis?

When I was at the Berlin Tierpark I have seen some very interesting big cats too. There were Siberian tigers, Chinese Tigers and Sumatran Tigers. The two last ones were especially nice, as they had very dense stripes and even some small black spots between the stripes, and the small Sumatran tigers had also enormous cheek-beards. They have even Indian lions, but sadly I have only seen a female. Furthermore there are black leopards, Amur leopards, normal and black jaguars, clouded leopards and many more cool and rare felids. Sadly it is often extremely hard to make photos, cause of the latticework. They have also spotted hyenas, brown hyenas (haven´t seen them sadly, as well as the wolverines), dholes and much much more. And in the Berlin Zoo (the other zoo in Berlin), there are even such striking animals like fossas, vampire-bats or aardvarks.

Is the coat pattern on that lion paler than normal?

By Sebastian Marquez (not verified) on 21 Aug 2009 #permalink

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It should be noted that Dreamworld's "Tiger Island" attraction seems to have a "thick striped" tiger morph, I'll see if I can grab the photo.

By Tim Morris (not verified) on 22 Aug 2009 #permalink

...I might be wrong but I think the light colored "lion" is actually a liger (Lion x Tiger hybrid). I see slightly darker stripes on the flanks...