Who is serious about national security?

Spook Larry Johnson explains new revelations from reporters at the Nation:

Valerie Plame was working undercover as a senior CIA operations officer.

Valerie Plame was working on issues related to Weapons of Mass Destruction in order to keep America safe.

Valerie Plame traveled overseas as part of her undercover work and was protected under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act.

Valerie Plame was betrayed by President Bush and his political appointees.

Is someone serious about the threat of Iraq going to out a secret agent working to uncover where Iraq's WMDs were?

Only if she wasn't telling them what they wanted to hear.

The underlying principle here is the same as what Chris Mooney talks about in the Republican War on Science. It's looking more and more like Valerie Plame was outed because she wasn't toeing the line on Iraqi WMD, and her husband was a convenient way to get at her. It's a complete reversal of what we all suspected at first (that her outing was a way of getting at him).

But it fits perfectly into the Bush administration's standard way of handling internal dissent. Consider the case of Andrew Eller. He was a federal scientist, studying endangered Florida panthers for the Fish and Wildlife Service. Eller filed a complaint using the Data Quality Act (see chapter 8 of RWoS), claiming that the government was using invalid methods to estimate panther abundance and activity patterns, and was basing policy decisions on bogus data.

In response, the Fish and Wildlife Service fired him shortly after the 2004 election. Eller sued, and in the end, the government conceded that his critiques were correct. After fighting for a while, they even reinstated him.

At least he can return to work. Plame is known. She can't go back under cover, so her experience and contacts in the world of weapons proliferation are closed off. And we're all at greater risk as a result.

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Unfortunately "another beautiful theory ruined by ugly facts". Just in the last week we've found out where the leak came from. I can't remember his name, but he was Colin Powell's assistant, and clearly didn't share Bush's agenda. It really was an accident. It was some time before he realized the damage he'd caused.
I suspect with all the attention Plame got, she can probably do pretty well on the lecture circuit.
I wanna tar Bush, just as much as you do, but integrity, and truth always gotta come first.

Armitage was part of PNAC, the group pushing for an Iraq invasion throughout the '90s.

And "Greg" should be aware that the 9/11 Commission report is a bit more reliable than the right-wing skin flick ABC is putting out.

Peace to you and yours Joshua.

None of the facts listed is new. Maybe to the folks at the Nation it was. That's why I did not renew my subscription.

Speaking of the War on Science - The latest is the Bush Regime will not be issuing Grants for student to study Evolutionary Biology.Who needs to evolve when it's a regressive agenda?

They are also closing all the EPA libraries around the nation.

On the issue of 911 did you read Prof. Steven Jones(BYU Physics)on the subject?

here is the url -

Funny now the page says "page not found". I've had it bkmkd for some time and opened it just last night to give to others as I do every few days.

Here is an earlier version. The above is the updated version.

Jones Physics 911

Although not your Dept. I'm sure Laws of Gravity are the same in Biology. 'cept in Bush World.