Kansas Science standards were officially revised. There was little doubt this would happen, but it's nice to see the democratic system at work.

The revision removes amendments written by the Intelligent Design Network's John Calvert and Bill Harris. Instead, the science standards will be those written by the science standards committee as a whole, and further revised since the previous version was butchered by the old Board.

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Congratulations! Now Dorothy won't have to leave KS to get a good education.

Does this mean we have to stop laughing at you guys?

Just kidding. I live about 3 miles from the Kansas border in Missouri so I haven't be laughing too hard.

Keep up the good work and watch out for the next wave of attacks on reason.

The loonies at the Disco Institute are already whining and sniveling.

By waldteufel (not verified) on 14 Feb 2007 #permalink

I've long speculated that Calvert has a short in his brain circuitry, but this cinches it. He says these world-class, "A"-graded standards will teach Kansas science students the kind of materialism that was embraced by Russia? Guess he's stuck in the 50s. Or is it the 20s? Down with the Tsarists!

Dorothy never had to leave Kansas to get a good education...

Congrats. But as mg said above, keep a bead on these a-holes--as you've been doing so well. It's only a matter of time before some fundie will come by and pull the stake from their hearts.