How Harun Yahya and the Discovery Institute changed my mind

In preparing myself for Taner Edis's presentation in two days (April 3rd, 7 pm in the Alderson theater), I've done some reading about Islamic perspectives on science.

It turns out that there's a group in Turkey called Harun Yahya. They've worked with American creationists like Ken Ham and Duane Gish, but have really improved the arguments. If Ham and Gish are the Henry Ford's of creationism, Harun Yahya is the Toyota, cheaper, higher quality, and more efficient. The fact of the matter is, I'm sold, and not just on creationism.

Part of what Harun Yahya has going for it is the way it integrates arguments not just from old-line creationist groups, but from more modern groups like the Discovery Institute. I heard former Harun Yahya writer Mustafa Akyol testify in favor of the Intelligent Design Network's science standards a couple years ago, and found his presentation really compelling. The Muslim world hates us because of the MTV and its materialism. If being a creationist will appease Osama bin Laden, I'd better do what Akyol and Harun Yahya say.

As I've read more of their work, I find that the real strength of Harun Yahya's argument is that it has such a strong foundation in the spiritual. Their arguments led me to see science differently, and to see religion differently. Did you know that the Quran predicted everything we have learned about embyrology, cosmology, and the atmosphere? Thanks to Harun Yahya and its arguments rooted in good old American creationism, I see that Islam is the one true faith.

Once I learned that they had given up on Holocaust denial, I knew that they wouldn't lead me astray. Now they understand that the Holocaust happened because of Darwin, not because of evil German Nazis. Of course, they still think that Jews (and Masons) are responsible for the conspiracy that keeps evolution so popular. That's why I've got to convert.

From now on, just call me Yunis Khan, the name assigned to me by the Arabic Name Generator. Has anyone got a Quran I can borrow, just until I get my own?

Update: I learned shocking new facts at midnight of April 2, and have had to rethink this post.


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You can't read the Q'uran until you can read Arabic fluently, and even then you need to follow the hadith. Become a Scientologist - the cognitive load is much less, although it is a more expensive religion.

Hi Yunis!
I am glad to see that there are others who embrace Islam after reading Harun Yahya's books. It is true that my view of life has changed, seeing that Islam is so much interrelated with all branches of science and that there is really unity in faith. In fact, his comprehensive work on the evolutionary theory has opened my eyes and I saw that there is really no evidence for evolution in fossil records, in anatomy, in physics, etc. But every place I look, I see the Intelligence and Compassion of Allah.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. Your true friend in Islam.

Celine Cara

By Celine Cara (not verified) on 01 Apr 2007 #permalink

Nice April Fool's post!

Mr Yunis,

I am so glad to hear about your thoughts. I am a Turkish Muslim, who's life has also changed thanks to Harun Yahya books -with Allah's permission offcourse-.I now know that Qur'an leads way to science.And that the theory of evolution is nothing but a fairy tale.
You may read Qur'an from his website from the fallowing link:
May Allah bless you.

By sevde cihan (not verified) on 03 Apr 2007 #permalink

I am a Muslim and don't know Arabic, but read Quran in my native language. you can read in your language. Quran is a book to understand and live accordingly. As Allah said it is a guid. if you don't read in a language you can understand how can you do that. so read in your own language.
Quran_ 3/138, 27/1-3, 77.
And be carefull many islamic-looking interpretations can be confusing and may not reflect the real spirit of Quran.
So you trust Allah and the Quran. Harun Yahya's works are really and definetly in accordance with Quran, insaAllah(with Allah's permission) and not confusing. so trust he and his works as well.

By berke_serter (not verified) on 03 Apr 2007 #permalink

stop clowning with islam and muslims. you are making a fool of yourself, on april 1st or any other day when you believe that your ancestors tunred from monkeys into humans. i guess your slow cousins are still trying to catch up. cause i a see them in the zoos and on Discovery channel.


No scientist says our ancestors "tunred from monkeys into humans." We're actually more closely related to chimps, with 98% DNA in common.

P.S. Learn to capitalize and spell, kid. You are making a fool of yourself, on "april 1st or any other day."

Hahaha!! Good one.

By Vladimir van W… (not verified) on 08 Apr 2007 #permalink

Dear Sir,

It is very high of you not to regret the truth after seeing it very clearly from your heart. Islam is a religion based on love, matureness, humility, care, brotherhood and forgiveness.A religion believing in all the prophets from Our Allah to mankind; Abraham, Moses,Jesus, Muhammed and all the others whose names were mentioned in Quran or not mentionned. For all the miracles of Quran, please also check

I am sure that, by the will of God/Allah, you will enter a world which has no boundry, where you will have your soul free, where you will only taste the real love and respect of Allah, His Will and the reflect of this endless love of Him on people named Muslims. May Allah Teach you the best!

I think we are quite closley related to mice and aslo banana. And if you say that evolution is the truth and that all the species "evolved GRADUALLY" from previous ones, then
1: "Why, if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine gradations, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms?", as Darwin said in his book.
2: And if you say that there is "sufficient" evidence in support of evolution theory in the fossil record, the why do many prominent evolutionists support the "punctuated equilibrium" theory which essentially tries to explain the lack of fossil evidence in support of a gradual evolution of different species.

By Shahin Iqbal (not verified) on 26 Apr 2007 #permalink