Richard White and Martha Griffin

White wants S&W. He insists that there are credible alternatives to evolution. Thinks that random mutation can't add mutations. Do these people not read the Index of Creationist Claims? Claims evolution is a sacrosanct icon.

Leo: What do you say to people who think these things belong only in college? He thinks its bad! Shocker!

Martha Griffin: "Keeping our science standards strong." Went to college with Cargill, teacher and museum educator. Mentors science teachers. Backs ESS and Biology TEKS without amendments and without S&W. People who respect actual knowledge and experience ought to be listening.

She gives an example of how S&W hurts and "creates confusion." Explains what a theory is, that they don't grow up into laws, etc. New teacher, not grounded in science content, misunderstood, thought that "weaknesses" meant that a theory could go out the door tomorrow. That's not how science works, she explains.

Mercer: Thanks her, asks for stories Cargill. No serious questions.

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