Travis Tunnell, Franklin Mayo

Travis Tunnell: High school student and prospective biology major opposes S&W.

He's getting grilled, with board members trying to shake his opposition, but he's standing strong. He'll be at McGill next year, and they'll be proud to have him.

Kelly Coghlan, of Honestly, do you need to know more? It's a train wreck. He's an ambulance chaser for bogus claims of religious persecution. He thinks the Board of Education is a legislative body, which it isn't, and that science standards could be interpreted to forbid teaching anything, which is bogus. The standards just say what must be taught, not what may not.

I wouldn't hire him in a second.

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Very scary, like a plague of ambulance chasers. The video quality is not very good but that should not put you off from some of the very serious issues raised. Check this video [graphic at places] Scienceblogs posts on scientology

Me either. I just listened to his testimony and what a crock of hooey!

What is not being said is: what does a "weakness" mean? Evidence either supports a theory or it does not. If it does not support a particular theory, then it must support some other potential theory. What is the alternative theory? This is not being discussed at these hearings. To date there is no other theory to replace evolution, thus there is no weakness of evolution. This strength and weakness text should be stricken from the school board standards.

They are now 5:39 PM (CDT) talking about how evolution is a religion. Sad, very sad. The head of the board is a total creationist. Texas is in real danger. I'm glad I'm not a Texas school child.