Teabagger sugardaddies: Stop saying we accept science!

Wonk Room reports that Wichita-based Koch Industries is suing. Someone sent out a spoof press release in Koch's name, claiming they were going to stop funding climate change denial groups, and now:

Pollution machine Koch Industries is taking to court to defend its reputation as a cesspool of global warming denial. The right-wing carbon industry giant, owned by Tea Party billionaires David and Charles Koch, has filed a lawsuit in Utah to punish anonymous pranksters who claimed on the companyâs behalf that it was discontinuing funding to climate denial front groups. According to Kochâs lawyers, as a result of the rumor that the company believes in climate science, its "business and reputation were harmed"

That argument might fly in Utah, but the rest of the world knows they'd gain business by cutting ties to global warming denial groups "whose positions on climate change," in the words of the prank press release, "could jeopardize Americaâs continued global competitiveness in the energy and chemical sectors and Koch Industriesâ ability to provide high-quality products and services to the American people."

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