Miles of smiles

Miles smiling, 3 weeks old
In case you've been wondering, "Where've you been for the last month, Josh?," the photo above gives a pretty good hint.
Miles Nikola was born on May 4th, a healthy and beautiful 8 pounds 12 ounces. For the last month, he and his mama and I have been at home getting used to each other. It's truly uncanny how different he is from day to day. His cheeks seem to grow exponentially, for instance.

Also, he just figured out that he can bend anyone to his will through sustained eye contact and cuteness, a dangerous precedent indeed. Once he fully masters the smile, I think we're doomed.

Miles and Roo playing
I don't recall whether I introduced you all to Roo, the dog we adopted last fall, but Miles and Roo have been getting along nicely, as you can see. Neither has quite figured out how to interact with the other, but there's no noticeable jealousy, and I'm expecting adorable antics from the pair as soon as Miles gets a bit more mobile.

Miles at 2 weeks, and a squid
And yes, following Chad's example, I'm taking periodic photos next to a stuffed animal, for scale. And he inherited is papa's love of zoology and books:

Josh and Miles reading
I expect it'll be a while before anyone else gets much sleep, but he, thankfully, has no problem catching a nap.

Miles napping
There are many adventures yet to come.


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HUGE congratulations, Josh! He's adorable! Looks like you've already figured out that sleep is for wimps, there's no such thing as 'reading too much,' and everything else can wait while he grows. (((Hugs!)))

By Cheryl Shepher… (not verified) on 07 Jun 2012 #permalink

Congratulations Josh!

Congratulations. Now all that work you do for science, knowledge, good education and good public policies start to become more urgent to your family.

We're in Wisconsin for the graduation of our youngest from Lawrence U. Enjoy it now, because it's a really quick ride.

Keep up the good work on all fronts.

By Ed Darrell (not verified) on 09 Jun 2012 #permalink

Twenty years ago my love and I had a little fellow ourselves. Now that's a bio experiment!

The photo of you and your boy with the book brought tears to my eyes. I've got a photo of me and my son both laying on the floor 'reading' (Though truth be told his book was upside down.

Blessing of a bountiful universe to you and yours. Congrats!

By David Stoeckl (not verified) on 09 Jun 2012 #permalink


But while you were off, evolution issues are coming up again in Kansas.

And the KCFS site shut down their discussion board, because someone provoked Jack Krebs into coming out as an atheist which hurts their political effectiveness with the masses...sadly but truly.

Do something Josh!

Congratulations, Josh! My wife and I are expecting our second, a girl in August.

I have "Look at the Animals" book on our wishlist... :)

By Michael Barton (not verified) on 15 Jun 2012 #permalink

And enjoy your first and very special Father's Day with Milles Debbie and Roo.

By Hedda Ribolow (not verified) on 17 Jun 2012 #permalink