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Shorter David Klinghoffer, Disco. 'tute scrivener: We Called Out Darwinist Critic Carl Zimmer, He Folded, and Now He's a Darwinist Hero:

We called out Carl Zimmer, he kicked our asses, and now we're butthurt about it.

Klinghoffer is peeved that when knowledgeable people are asked to abandon standard tools of scientific discourse in exchange from an offer to "debate" Disco. staff on the Disco. blog, about a book written by Disco. staff, published by the Disco. press, those people offer a polite "I would prefer not."  Klinghoffer's under the misimpression that "the debate about evolution is conducted in large part on blogs," so he can be excused for wanting to debate the book on blogs.  

But does he really not realize that the lengthy and detailed replies offered by Zimmer, McBride, and others, are the debate?  And if he wants to engage that debate, all he has to do is address the substance of what people are saying, not whinge about whether the replies are hosted on the Disco. 'tute's crummy blog?

And if he and others in the Disco. 'tute crew really want to have scientists debate their arguments, all they need do is write them up properly and submit them to a real paleoanthropology journal.  But I guess they just prefer not to.  I think I know why.

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According to Klinghoffer, I exist when I'm being a silly, hopeful undergraduate and "falling into ecstasies" over Carl Zimmer (see his recent post), but not when I quite seriously ask them what the hell they're doing with the ID movement and research program: Add all the other times I've directly challenged their conclusions and ideas - I've gotten nothing in the way of substantial recognition or engagement.

Likewise, Paul McBride, a New Zealand PhD student, is "obscure" when he dismantles their latest publication, but their very own Jonathan McLatchie, a Scottish Masters student, is allowed to post on Evolution News and Views on a broad range of scientific topics without being attacked for his age and experience.

Students aren't allowed to ask questions - except when the questions are the right ones.

By Jack Scanlan (not verified) on 27 Jul 2012 #permalink