Religion and Foreheads

A discussion at Dr.Katte's blog that is worth your time. It may not make much sense to you if you are not aware of the religious marking that hindus, particularly those in south India wear (not all). I applaud both Dr.Katte and the student for conducting the discussion openly.

Marking oneself ritualistically is not something that's confined to religion alone. There is also a wide degree of variability based on culture, personality and whetever-else-there-is. Some are severe (Link not for the squeamish). Some really funny. And many not worth bothering at all.

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The courage shown by Ramanujam, in deleting the thirunamam permanently, is really remarkable, given his background. That was the reason I discussed it openly.

Indeed, it is remarkable. The little changes that have come a long way and go a long way.

I used to wear a namam a long time ago. I looked rather dashing then......*sigh*

Purely from an aesthetic perspective, the do look rather cool. Like a tattoo you can change painlessly.

Scientific Definition Of Religion


From a posting of mine in an evolution discussion forum, written and meant with complete respectful sincerity, at

Religion, A Human Evolution Definition

"A religion is a human artifact for survival of a specific human cultural phenotype, comprising cultural tool-kit and technique ascribed by its adherents to be of higher esteem and benefit than other human cultural survival plans".


Wondering if religious persons who also "accept" science would accept this definition, even with steady unwavering respect and commitment to their religion. IMO such acceptance would contribute respect to religion and to religious persons.

Sincerely thinking so.


Major Conceptual Hierarchies:

- Religion is a progeny of culture, which is a biological entity, like

- Technology is a progeny of science, like

- Biology is a progeny of evolution, like

- Universal Evolution is a progeny of Energy

Dov Henis