Vigorous Scrubbing, the musical

I find myself scrubbing (my own person, that is, please read on) vigorously without being aware only to realize later that I am listening to a fast-paced music while bathing. Most of you would have experienced the connection between music and pace of physical action. Amateur observations made while listening to music during bathing, driving and writing software have naturally led me to wonder about the kinds of resonance between brain's biochemical processes (a.k.a rhythms) and music. The new year's edition of New Scientist supplied a word for this that I had not known before: Entrainment.

The logical extension of this musical synchronization, it appears to me, is captured in the fascinating demonstration of synchronicity by Steven Strogatz that showed how matter in our world is connected in some remarkably fundamental ways.

Another old post on this.

Have a safe New Year! May all your musical scrubbings be pleasant next year!

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