Extra, Extra (Bacon Blog Wars Edition)

olivia fringe.jpgFigure 1: So what did everyone think of the Fringe season finale last night? I'll tell you what I thought: J.J. Abrams can bite me. (image source)

Okay, so maybe part of the reason I am so annoyed is because I'm kind of obsessed with Anna Torv's character, and I'm pissed about that twist at the end. Damn. Anyway, here's this week's round-up.

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Most importantly:
The lines are drawn. Which side will you take in the Bacon Blog Wars? In one corner, on the side of all things good and bacony in the world, me, Southern Fried Scientist, and Scienceblogs overlord Erin Johnson. In the opposite corner, on the side of darkness and evil, Scicurious and Kevin Zelnio. How will this play out? We'll find out soon enough. In the meantime, let it be known that "blasphemy against one bacon is blasphemy against all!"


Figure 2: Choose wisely.


The Divine and Glorious Army of the King of all Meats - @sfriedscientist, @jgold85, @palmd, @whysharksmatter, @bomaiblat, @hectocotyli, @doc_becca, @ebamignone, @_colins_, @nerdychristie,

The Morally Questionable Anti-Baconites - @scicurious,@kzelnio, the traitor @hectocotyli, @doctorzen

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Awesome Things, Science and otherwise:

The Facts in the Case of Andrew Wakefield. Told in comic book format. Awesome. (h/t: Bora)

An interesting take on the Montessori educational system, from a friend of mine who had not yet been exposed. Not sure how useful it is to compare today's Montessori to the day school education my friend and I received nearly twenty years ago...but an interesting read, nonetheless.

I asked a question on twitter regarding the potential relationship between life in science and loneliness. And in doing so, prompted Zen Faulkes to write a post about it. And there's this post (and this one, from Drugmonkey) addressing a distinct-but-related issue, and a related question posed by Scibling David Ng at The World's Fair (with some interesting stuff down in the comments). It is always good, though, to remember Physioprof's (now ancient) admonition.

I want this.

Dr. Isis considers possible circuitous or otherwise alternative routes to academic science. Also, required reading from the goddess: how women came to serve on study sections.

In case you've missed it, check out my post at LAist this week on the winning illusion from last week's VSS conference.

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Sci would like to state for the record that she not against Bacon per se, and in fact loves bacon. I even love many things that go with bacon, like coffee and toast and narhwals and cheese and scallops and lobsters and more cheese.

Where Sci draws the line is the abomination that is CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON. Sci isn't saying this because she's unexposed. I ate it. It tasted like chocolate that had been dropped in grit and then you picked it up and ate it anyway and it was suspiciously crunchy and salty. It was GROSS. It was, for the record, the ONLY chocolate that Sci has ever been unable to finish (except for last week when I came across the lavender blueberry bar, and that's only because I am terrified of wasting its delicate deliciousness).

So: Bacon, yes.


For further information, Sci will be over in the corner with Kevin having a rawkin good time with beer and hilarious squid hats.

Commandment 11: Thou shalt not blaspheme the bacon, no matter what form it takes

and lest not it be forgotten, it is the Southern Fried Scientist who wields thy hilarious squid hat

I am totally making a neuron hat for next year...

Thou shalt blaspheme bacon when bacon taketh a form wherof it is disgusting.

For example: take caffeine. Caffeine is awesome. Sci should know. She supports caffeine in bean, coffee, soda, ice cream, and any other form which eases ingestion and brings delight to the brain. HOWEVER, Sci will blaspheme the name of caffeinated soap, because though you can theoretically absorb caffeine through the skin, the dose ratio is ridiculous tiny, it is therefore a waste of caffeine and a blasphemous thing.

And therefore, verily Sci says unto you, chocolate covered bacon doth blaspheme, for truly it ruineth the flavor of both the chocolate and the bacon, and lead both into sin.

1) Isn't there some part of leviticus of the holy book of bacon about not mixing chocolate and bacon (chocolate = linen and bacon = wool, right??)?
2) thanks for the link on the Montessori thingy, very great blog