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I humbly present, once again, the quasi-weekly linkfest. Enjoy!

First, a reminder: Submit awesome science blogging for Open Lab! I encourage you not to be shy about submitting your own stuff!

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Starting with the Science:
Did you catch my Research Blogging editor's selections this week?

Science journalist Bill Lascher (twitter, blog) is now doing some freelance writing about the environment for High Country News, on their "A Just West" blog. Interesting stuff. I know Bill from when he was in the specialized masters program in science journalism at the USC Annenberg School, and I audited one of their science writing courses.

Here's an interesting blog I've found, covering Nutrition Science. (No, it's not Pepsico Food Frontiers)

DeLene Beeland of the Wild Muse blog asks, What's the best dog breed for guarding livestock?

Another cool new blog that I found (via Razib) is called Replicated Typo. Here's a post that asks what is unique about human cognition?

The Dog Zombie discusses the Lyme Controversy.

Mo of Neurophilosophy explains how motor imagery can enhance object recognition.

At Ars Technica: are humans unique in the animal kingdom because we have pets?

Is there really a relationship between the type of furniture you have and the possibility of getting (or preventing) cancer?

What causes motion sickness? Is there an evolutionary explanation for it? Christina at the Oscillator blog explains.

Ethan of Starts With A Bang implores: Dear Asteroid Hunters, Stop Telling Us We're Going To Die!

A warmer ocean is a less green one. Another gem from Ed Yong.

Ed's On the Origins of Science Writers post has become a goldmine of insight and advice from some of the world's best science writers, at various stages of their careers. What an awesome resource.

Science Blogging Networks: What, Why, and How, by my friend and mentor Bora.

Next time your friends try to convince you that the plural of "octopus" is "octopi" send them over to Southern Fried Science. They'll clear everything up.

Other good stuff:
Five things you should know before dating a journalist. Though I'd expand this to writers, more generally.

As if you needed any more reasons to not buy Girls Gone Wild. Pretty disturbing.

Want to see what happens when you take highspeed photos when a bullet is shot through a loaf of Spam? Or a tube of lipstick? Or half of the produce section? I thought so.

Five Ideas for an Inception Sequel (contains spoilers).

You're an idiot of the 33rd degree. Bloggers have nothing on Mark Twain when it comes to telling people that they're morons.

Want to learn how to make In-N-Out's Double Double? Especially useful if you don't live in California.

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